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110 Miles PLUS 4 Blessed Future <3

intention was :

Holyhead to Welshpool from

Day 1 – 11.02.2015.- Dydd Mercher

*Holyhead to Menai Bridge*

Day 2 – 12.02.2015. – Dydd Iau

*Menai Bridge to Betws-y-Coed*

Day 3 – 13.02.2015. – Dydd Gwener

*Betws-y-Coed to Corwen*

Day 4 – 14.02.2015. – Dydd Sadwrn

*Corwen to Oswestry*

Day 5 – 15.02.2015.

*Oswestry to Welshpool*

Day 6 – 16.02.2015.

11.20am – *meeting in Severn Road for national insurance number, Welshpool*

What really happened?

find out soon here 😀 ❤20150104081833-PIC_014310887772_10205901692604962_1039449902_nbc5415079f42bd3e40b5df660cf0de1510863844_855622361150669_7552663414144685039_o579954622014_October_bDSCF20672014-12-25 14.51.592014-02-16 16.12.132014-02-16 14.06.582014-02-16 13.19.332014-02-16 12.59.102014-02-15 23.30.582014-02-15 15.45.562014-02-15 15.01.21 2014-02-15 15.43.11 2014-02-15 11.57.34 2014-02-15 11.46.25 2014-02-14 08.21.40 2014-02-14 07.13.56 2014-02-18 15.26.14

Introducing perk – Eco wallets!!!! – feat. #Supervalu organic milk carton wallet…

It has been a week since we started the campaign to help our dear friend and teacher from a dog’s world

It has been spreading love from Ireland all the way to Croatia and beyond… ❤

2014_October_bDuring this incredible week in the lives of all of us involved and also in the lives of people and dogs we are meeting through this campaign, we have collected 22% of our goal.


But more importantly, through a very kind donation from an anonymous person we have been able to order a wheelchair for a lovely Beba in Zagreb and soon Mr. Dragan from Kolica za pse, will make them and send them over to new owner.

More about that story later in Evelyn’s blog as we need a dog’s perspective on this awesome development of our campaign.

Now back to the reason for this post.

I will present the perk that Muppetofaman has been making for more then two years after being shown the technique by a Mexican friend and then just adapting it a little bit.


PERK : Eco Wallet – made of carton, mostly tetrapak.

This particular one on the picture has been made from the milk carton of #Supervalu brand whole organic milk and as I am their regular customer and I like this milk, I will probably make many more of those…

Each wallet is made with the same technique and the only difference is in terms of color of the tape I use or the shape I cut out. The coolest feature of the wallet as commented by users is the button and the way it opens…

This one is from a 1 liter carton so it wouldn’t not hold cards, but I make bigger ones from 2 liter cartons and these can hold debit cards, driving licence and other documents, together with money…

There are a nice unique present and very handy to use for change and also little important notes or papers…

each one comes with a inspiring note on a piece of paper and few cents for luck 🙂 ❤

So please, go to the campaign and DONATE for a good cause by clicking on this perk.

Thank you from all of us in the Adam’s world Dream Team 😀

Christmas day on the streets of Dublin…

Last night we made a chocolate and almond cake with an intention to give slices to homeless people on streets of Dublin.

2014-12-25 08.27.24

We left the house early, me on a bike and Evelyn running beside and as we passed by famous sites like St.Patrick’s cathedral and Christchurch cathedral, many memories came back to me and I smiled 🙂

2014-12-25 10.13.18 2014-12-25 10.16.56 2014-12-25 10.17.07

We stopped beside Queen of Tarts, the best place in town for patisserie ❤

2014-12-25 10.19.022014-12-25 10.17.24

then it was time to come across the first homeless person sleeping, so we left a Christmas wish and a cake beside him to wake up to something made with LOVE <3…

just across the street there was another sleepy person and we did the same thing there…

then a girl came to us asking what are we doing and we ended up sharing a coffee together while talking in Croatian. She comes from my country and she is visiting for two weeks and busking 🙂

another friend joined us and we left to spend sometime with him and Evelyn met a new friend on the way…

2014-12-25 12.28.51

He was a dog from an old friend of mine that heard us talking on the street and joined us…

another coffee in the park and after back to O’Connell street where beside the main post office, there was another homeless person having a naop and we gave him the same present… this time I took a photo from distance ❤

2014-12-25 13.54.06 2014-12-25 13.54.14

and as the awesomeness of the day continued just as we started walking on a pedestrian walkaway by the Liffey river we came across dear friends and we shared another coffee for Christmas and they go to taste the cake 🙂

2014-12-25 14.51.59

Love to everyone on this day and let the spirit of it continue in your lives through the whole year…

We are now off to spend the night on the streets of Dublin, wondering what amazing experience will that be…

2014-12-25 18.44.21


Evelyn and Muppet

When you can’t be in Ireland…

… a local pub will do…



My Irish shirt, got it for my 30th Birthday; that was a special day…

Yeah; Paris takes you over and then you meet an old friend from Dublin; random take 2 :D

As many times on this trip, their is too much happening to have time to write a new post.

I’m still in Paris, because yesterday just when I finished the free tour from Discover Walks on the Montmartre, I heard someone shouting my name?! It was Claire, girl from Ireland that used too work with me in Ely winebar in Dublin few years ago. She is here for the summer, doing a course for an english teacher certificate. So now I am writing on her Macbook Air just after a nice french breakfast with fresh warm baguette 😀 

And yesterday I had my first cuppa of Irish tea since I left Ireland middle of May… happy days…

Since my last post I was with Ingrid and Thilo in Parc Asterix; that was so cool, my first time in a park like that just never got a chance when I was younger… We were so happy and we spend 8 hours there, so much fun. I’m waiting for the photos from Ingrid so  you can see how much fun we had…

Then yesterday I did two tours with Discover walks, which are free and you support the guides with tips. First one was with Amelie and Edouard about Paris landmarks and I was lucky to be on my own on this tour so we had a easy going chat and stroll around Paris. Later we met for a cafe near Grand Boulevards metro station. In the second tour I met lovely australian couple Margaret and Philip and we had a meal together in Maison du Rose on Montmartre. 

Then later with Claire, her cousin Siobhan and a cool couple from California we had a picnic in a park near Eiffel tower;  probably one of the best spots in the world for a picnic…

So who knows what is ahead today, I know their is always surprise around the corner 😀 and yep I will get to Dublin eventually and that is going to be some craic; catching up with my good mates and cucarachas 😛 😀

over and out as I go out to explore Paris… on the way to Jim Morrison grave this morning…

Muppet sur la route ❤

Ayalah; awesome dog and her human friend Meg are coming for visit… :D

Good morning people…

Nice to stats this morning with 24 views from Ireland for today, some night birds there 😀

So Zagreb is still so bloody hot, but after 6 summers in Ireland I should be happy to be in the scorching sun.

My dear friend Meg is coming today with Ayalah, dog that I haven’t met yet. It will be fun to show them Zagreb and also take them to Raw food restaurant, one of the first in these parts of Europe. Last night in a smoothie bar I talked to the owner and he reserved us a table for lunch. I will post the review later and I do have to write reviews for the places I have been to so far on this Muppet trip 😀

I will also meet Stef for coffee and we wil upload new video for our campaign so please leave a comment on our Indiegogo page or donate by getting one of our awesome perks. We are very serious about this and this campaign is only the begining of our project.

Link again

Gotta go now, updates later…

Muppety over and out…

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