Travel and spread the Love and Peace :D


raw food

Elixir raw food; more teasers :D

Darko and muppet in Elixir raw food club :D

More Elixir delights :D

Well worth visiting :D Zagreb, Croatia;

Check out their website and visit if you can 😀

Elixir Raw food club



Raw food delight;chocolate heaven

Elixir raw food

Aya is here and she loves Zagreb :D

What a day yesterday in Zagreb; Meg,Aya and Muppet were out all day; running,jumping,laughing and just having so much fun. 

And we were privileged to taste some of the most amazing food ever in this almost secret Raw food restaurant in city center of Zagreb.  Two nights ago Tamara and I talked to Darko, who kindly invited us for lunch and when he said what they do, I was very excited to try something new in the Croatian gastronomy offer.

It was magical and I will write about it in detail in separate post as I get photos from Tamara.

Gotta walk Aya now… 😀

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