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olive oil


Road Trip stories and photos no.4; olive oil made in frantoio…

olives we picked ready to be processed in frantoio in Monte San Savino 😀



green gold is coming out and it is spicy and delicious 😀

Short stories behind photos no.2 from our road trip :D

In Toscana Italy, with friends and lovely hosts…

Up in the olive tree enjoying the picking of olives;

the sound of picking becomes the background for singing and the occasional hug with a tree is inevitable as you are trying to reach for furthest branches

weather was mostly sunny for 4 days of picking and all of us enjoyed it 😀








in total connection with a tree 😀

Some from the road trip with Evelyn…it has been amazing so far…

We have been on road trip for more then a month now, but soon we will be back in Zagreb.

Here are few photos from our trip… many stories to follow when I will have time and laptop  to do it…


Evelyn and Aya playing in Toscana beside olive trees that we picked for few days

and vineyards in Toscana of Camperchi wine producers, excellent merlot and sangiovese 😀

Kasiopea shop in Zagreb; natural creams and elixirs :D

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