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Why Lika?

The land, the people, the history, the NOW and the Future ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

#TheLand (wikipedia article about region of Lika, Croatia)



Plitvice Lakes National Park





110 Miles PLUS 4 Blessed Future <3

intention was :

Holyhead to Welshpool from

Day 1 – 11.02.2015.- Dydd Mercher

*Holyhead to Menai Bridge*

Day 2 – 12.02.2015. – Dydd Iau

*Menai Bridge to Betws-y-Coed*

Day 3 – 13.02.2015. – Dydd Gwener

*Betws-y-Coed to Corwen*

Day 4 – 14.02.2015. – Dydd Sadwrn

*Corwen to Oswestry*

Day 5 – 15.02.2015.

*Oswestry to Welshpool*

Day 6 – 16.02.2015.

11.20am – *meeting in Severn Road for national insurance number, Welshpool*

What really happened?

find out soon here 😀 ❤20150104081833-PIC_014310887772_10205901692604962_1039449902_nbc5415079f42bd3e40b5df660cf0de1510863844_855622361150669_7552663414144685039_o579954622014_October_bDSCF20672014-12-25 14.51.592014-02-16 16.12.132014-02-16 14.06.582014-02-16 13.19.332014-02-16 12.59.102014-02-15 23.30.582014-02-15 15.45.562014-02-15 15.01.21 2014-02-15 15.43.11 2014-02-15 11.57.34 2014-02-15 11.46.25 2014-02-14 08.21.40 2014-02-14 07.13.56 2014-02-18 15.26.14

Introducing perk – Eco wallets!!!! – feat. #Supervalu organic milk carton wallet…

It has been a week since we started the campaign to help our dear friend and teacher from a dog’s world

It has been spreading love from Ireland all the way to Croatia and beyond… ❤

2014_October_bDuring this incredible week in the lives of all of us involved and also in the lives of people and dogs we are meeting through this campaign, we have collected 22% of our goal.


But more importantly, through a very kind donation from an anonymous person we have been able to order a wheelchair for a lovely Beba in Zagreb and soon Mr. Dragan from Kolica za pse, will make them and send them over to new owner.

More about that story later in Evelyn’s blog as we need a dog’s perspective on this awesome development of our campaign.

Now back to the reason for this post.

I will present the perk that Muppetofaman has been making for more then two years after being shown the technique by a Mexican friend and then just adapting it a little bit.


PERK : Eco Wallet – made of carton, mostly tetrapak.

This particular one on the picture has been made from the milk carton of #Supervalu brand whole organic milk and as I am their regular customer and I like this milk, I will probably make many more of those…

Each wallet is made with the same technique and the only difference is in terms of color of the tape I use or the shape I cut out. The coolest feature of the wallet as commented by users is the button and the way it opens…

This one is from a 1 liter carton so it wouldn’t not hold cards, but I make bigger ones from 2 liter cartons and these can hold debit cards, driving licence and other documents, together with money…

There are a nice unique present and very handy to use for change and also little important notes or papers…

each one comes with a inspiring note on a piece of paper and few cents for luck 🙂 ❤

So please, go to the campaign and DONATE for a good cause by clicking on this perk.

Thank you from all of us in the Adam’s world Dream Team 😀

Fountain in Zagreb ; Water crystals

Evelyn and I pass by this fountain almost every day.

Today is another beautiful sunny day here and we will need some water refreshment. Although I wouldn’t try drinking this one, Evelyn doesn’t care…


I wonder how would this water look under the microscope when frozen; few years ago I read the book from scientist Masaru Emoto, who is photographing water crystals and his work is worth checking out.

Here is a link to the website with more info 

and a photo of one of the beautiful water crystals made by “love and gratitude” message 🙂



as this fountain is beside Croatian national bank I seriously doubt it would produce a nice crystals…



Stop at this table :D

A friend’s design in his house near Zagreb 🙂

Do you like it?
Part of our future web shop offer… unique design 🙂


Look at the sky :)

Take a moment to have a look at the sky 🙂

Sky above Zagreb at sunset; photo by Rogi


My dear Evelyn so relaxed <3


Another busy day in Zagreb and as I take a break to walk Evelyn to her favorite park, we met a nice couple and they invited us to join them. While we were chatting Evelyn relaxed fully in a shade 🙂


RASTOKE, Croatia :D

Take the A1 road from Karlovac to Split, old road not motorway and on the way you will see this beautiful little town on the river and waterfalls 😀

Little river Slunjcica (only 6km long)  flows into bigger river Korana in a beautiful way 🙂





IMGP1862 IMGP1871 IMGP1874

Stjepan Radic monument; Zagreb


Stjepan Radic was a Croatian politican.

He was famous for fighting for Croatian independence after First world war. He was against big interests so for this he was imprisoned several times and eventually assasinated in a parliament of Kingdom of Serbs,Croats and Slovenes.

He was a real fighter and one of the rare politician in Croatia I respect.

His statue in Zagreb is near the main square and he is rarely remembered by people today. Also the party that is supposed to follow his tradition is like the rest on he Croatian political scene; bad and uninspiring.

His fight was supported by many people at the time and the rallies would be attented by more then 100000 people which parties in Croatia can only dream of today.

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