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My angel Evelyn and I have set off on an adventure and on this page we have recorded it chronologically.

For ROAD FACTS click HERE… 😀

DAY 1:  Grenoble to CHAMBERY- we sleep on a train station in a sleeping bagDigital StillCamera









IMGP0049DAY 2: Chambery; meeting with friend and then train to GENEVE- we sleep at the beach





IMGP0124DAY 3: GENEVE- meeting in Armee du Salut and Le Phare

we sleep in a bunker shelter…




IMGP0191IMGP0222DAY 4: morning in GENEVE;UN and Le Phare

evening in LAUSANNE; tent near cathedral








DAY 5: LAUSANNE ; all day in a tent with our christian hosts…







DAY 6: morning and afternoon in Lausanne then train ride to OLTEN where we slept under a tree 🙂






IMGP0552DAY 7: ZURICH- cafe Yucca and meeting dear friend; we stay in his flat 😀






DAY 8: ZURICH – meeting in SWS  and walk around with a friend…sunny day…




IMGP0681DAY 9: ZURICH – fantastic day; with Roy Gerber from SWS and Walter Sommer from Heils Armee Open Heart 😀






IMGP0712DAY 10: ZURICH in the morning; train travel in afternoon to MÜNCHEN where we stay in friend´s place



IMGP0763DAY 11: morning in MÜNCHEN and then train to AUSBURG where we stay in friend´s flat




IMGP0856DAY 12: regional trains to HANNOVER with a stop in ANSBACH to meet my friend El Comandante 😀


IMGP1053DAY 13: regional trains to BERLIN, where we spent a day walking around until the evening where we sleep in a friend’s place

IMGP1070DAY 14: a morning walk with sister and her dog Adam; take in it easy for the rest of the day; exploring BERLIN

IMGP1113DAY 15: good sleep and then a day of walking around BERLIN and making appointments for next day

IMGP1186DAY 16: great last day in BERLIN; morning and evening meetings with GEBEWO people; in the evening we travel and sleep outside in BEESKOW

IMGP1309DAY 17: hello POLAND; after few changes of trains we arrive to POZNAN and get a place with couchsurfing with two lovely students

Digital StillCameraDAY 18: POZNAN; few hours of walking and searching social projects; at the end I meet someone from Red Cross Poland

Digital StillCameraDAY 19: POZNAN; working on internet,updating and searching for couch on next stops; few walks with Evelyn and our host Anna; late night train to WROCLAW…

Digital StillCameraDAY 20: WROCLAW- Adrian showing us around and meeting many interesting people in town

Digital StillCameraDAY 21: WROCLAW- after recovering from first hangover 😛 in the afternoon I met Majka from’ House of Peace’ 😀

Digital StillCameraDAY 22: WROCLAW is not letting us leave with so many cool people we meet…visit to Ostoja and their center for disabled kids

Digital StillCameraDAY 23: morning in WROCLAW where we visit the center for homeless people that has shelters all around Poland… later we travel south and sleep in train station of Bystrzyca Kłodzka

Digital StillCameraDAY 24: after few regional trains we arrive to PRAGUE and after strolling around the city and enjoying Czech beer, we went to airport to sleep

IMGP1422DAY 25: morning in PRAGUE visiting few organisations helping homeless- Nadaje,Salvation Army and a boat shelter… later regional trains to BRNO where we arrive just in time for a couchsurfing meeting and we get a COUCH 😀 thanks Anna

IMGP1426DAY 26: all day exploring BRNO, in the evening we go out for few drinks and I decide to move tomorrow to next destination

Digital StillCameraDAY 27: a quick hitchhike to BRATISLAVA where with the help of a friend we found another last minute couch: thanks Tomas

Digital StillCameraDAY 28:  after all day exploring BRATISLAVA as I am saying goodbye to my host, EVELYN goes wandering and missing…

Digital StillCameraDAY 29: search is full own as my friend Janka spreads the word on the internet and we get more then 2000 shares on Facebook, I spent all morning putting up papers that we are searching for her and then around 4PM we get a message with her photo, WE ARE REUNITED… THANKS to PEOPLE of SLOVAKIA

in the evening we stay in TRNAVA thanks to Jozef 😀

marec-2013-titulkaDAY 30: morning in TRNAVA and then hitchhike to BRATISLAVA where we meet people from PROTI PRUDU organization and learn more about their work with homeless here… as we go late to hitchhike we end up staying again in TRNAVA with our saviour host Jozef

Digital StillCameraDAY 31: hitchhiking and trains to WIEN… we meet and old friend in O’Connors Irish pub and we surf the couch of our new friends Ash and his dog

DAY 32: exploring WIEN and meeting other surfers, a couple from Poland… meeting with a guy from AUGUSTIN homeless magazine

DAY 33: morning in WIEN and then hitchhike in rain to GRAZ where we surf on Antonia’s couch 😀

DAY 34: all day on te road, trying to be in ZAGREB early but we arrive at 9pm and stay in HOUSE of HOPE…

DAY 35: ZAGREB: sharing ideas and discussing future projects with Danijel and later with Marko, our host for the night… also we met Sanja, she has a great project in city library and we will stay in touch and do something together 😀

DAY 36: we keep meeting people in ZAGREB,great to share our experiences with friends… we visit SHERIDAN’S pub after some months… 😀

DAY 37: we visit a huge fashion design studio in Zagreb old town by Tamara Bombardelli and afternoon with Marko and Nela

DAY 38: day to rest mostly and prepare for a trip to Sarajevo, we found a car share with a friend 😀

DAY 39: trip to SARAJEVO where we see my cousin and later we move to VISOKO to stay in Neno’s house 😀

DAY 40: with Neno we visit tunnels of Bosnian pyramids in VISOKO and we make barbecue outside on -2 celsius 😀

DAY 41: train to SARAJEVO, meeting friends and family after 9 years 😀 ❤

DAY 42: another great day in SARAJEVO, we meet a new friends

DAY 43: visit to TRAUMA center in SARAJEVO that is helping people deal with scares of war; nice time later with friends

DAY 44: early morning goodbye to SARAJEVO and we take a train to MOSTAR; we meet there with crew from OKC ABRASEVIC and we prepare with them for tomorrow… they are making Graffiti to mark the anniversary of Mostar liberation from fascism in Second world war…

DAY 45: on a beautiful sunny day we were with ANTIFA MOSTAR celebrating antifascist day and meeting some amazing people, older generation 😀

DAY 46: goodbye to MOSTAR and a hitchhike to SPLIT but we only get to METKOVIC where we sleep outside

DAY 47: we arrive to SPLIT after a ride with two cars; meeting with dear friend, we stay in her place that night

DAY 48: morning with Fabijan from Udruga MOST that does great work with homeless in SPLIT; later we hitchhike to ZADAR but only get to a small place SEGET VRANJIC where we sleep under olive tree 😀

DAY 49: we continue hitchhiking to ZADAR and again no luck so we get to VODICE where we sleep outside again near shopping centers

DAY 50: finally we arrive to ZADAR and after meeting two dear friends we sleep and rest a lot 😀

DAY 51: awesome day in ZADAR; seeing many good friends

DAY 52: ZADAR keeps us happy… we met Ivana, librarian that works with homeless people here… and later another Ivana, Muppet’s old friend 😀

DAY 53: in ZADAR we are spending time with Luce and her dog Albi… Evelyn loves playing with him… and I am working like a madman on updating blog 😀

DAY 54:ZADAR we visit the public kitchen and meet some homeless people