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Walking in the dark…

Two of us share a room, we even sometimes share a bed, like just now.


She is my best companion, always excited to see me; sometimes a bit too much 🙂 but she taught me to calm down when I am nervous, to cheer up when I am depressed, to calm down when I am overly excited, to look one moment at a time and not to dwell on past but look forward to the future and all the little NOW’s that are coming… she is Evelyn, my one and a half year old dog and as a cliche says best friend…

IMGP3848We share walks as well and one of my favorite are in the night as I look at the stars and the moon, while she sniffs the ground and runs around…


Breaking walls… to view the outside world better :)


The wall is slowly moving away to give space to the window…

bušenje kod Andjele dan2

In friends house with a drill and a lot of patience 🙂

The main drill is on repair so all the work is done with the small one with regular breaks

While Evelyn is taking a lot of rest and probably wondering when will the noise stop…


Levitation in Zagreb with Evelyn :D

IMGP2630 IMGP2627 IMGP2628 IMGP2629

Happy in Zagreb :D

Evelyn had a successful operation in Split on Monday.


She broke her leg on Saturday in island of Brac and thankfully she will be fine after some recovery time.


IMGP2527We are in Zagreb to see dear friends and do work as I am preparing to present our recent campaign in Zagreb on 23.4.

For those of you that didnt follow this blog before, we went for a big trip at the start of the year to research situation about homeless in Europe.

Here you can check the timeline of that trip and links to stories that I had time to write about.

Greets to all followers from Evelyn and Muppet 🙂


Playing by the river Drac; GRENOBLE

One of my favorite spots to play with Aya and Evelyn 😀
We have a space on sand and pebbles to run and bark at each other 😛



and they always get excited jumping up and down trying to catch the stick…


they are both fond of water

DAY 31: From TRNAVA to VIENNA :)


Digital StillCameraI had to say Thank you again to my dear host Jozef in TRNAVA. Previous night he  was kind to take us for an extra night as our hitchhiking attempt was unsuccessful. So we had to take a late local train to go back to Trnava from Bratislava.

We shared a breakfast and then he walked with us again to a hitchhiking spot on a beautiful sunny day.

On the way we have seen the  walls of the old town…

Digital StillCamera220px-Spartak_Trnava_current_logo…and a stadium of a local football team Spartak Trnava, whose supporters are known to be the most passionate in Slovakia and the team has a long successfull history in former Czechoslovak league. They have even reached a semifinal of Europan cup in year 1969. This was at a time when football wasn’t infulenced by big money like today.

Digital StillCamera

We say goodbye to our dear friends Jozef and Garofix as we hitchihike for a second day in a row from Trnava to Bratislava

We got a ride in less then 30 minutes and in Bratislava we catched a train to Vienna and saved a bit of money by buying a ticket for half of the journey. In Vienna I had arranged a couch for us with our new host Ash who also has a dog 🙂

Digital StillCameraAs Ash was at work when we arrived, there was time to explore the city center before we met him later at his home.

Digital StillCameraVienna has a rich history and you can see it almost on every step in the old town. As it was under Habsburg rule for many years and later a capital of Austro-Hungarian empire it has many significant buildings from those periods.

Digital StillCamera

One of the most famous and oldest is a St.Stephen’s cathedral or Stephansdom which has been built in 12th century and has since dominated the center of town. Here is a post on Evelyn’s blog about it 🙂

Digital StillCameraAnother well known site is Hofburg imperial palace that was the center of Habsburg empire. Today it is an official seta of an Austrian president. We only had time to see it on the outside.

Digital StillCameraWe took a moment to take a photo together and

Digital StillCamera


We have traveled for one month already and experienced many wonderful stories and I was very grateful for all the amazing people we met on the way.

The trip has already been a big success as we have talked with many people from different organizations working with homeless people and also with some who have other social projects like a kids therapy center OSTOJA in Wroclaw.

I gained a lot of experience from all this encounters and learned a lot about the situation of homeless people around Europe. And now we were getting close to Balkan countries where I come from and I was excited, specially about the trip to SARAJEVO; my birth place.

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraAfter that short stop we went to O’Connors old oak pub where my dear friend Gaz works as a head chef. We used to work together in Dublin in ELY restaurant in DUBLIN and now he has been living here for three years already.

Digital StillCameraI remembered my first trip to Vienna last summer; I spend few lovely days with him and his family and he was a saviour on my arrival.

Digital StillCameraThis time he was very busy so I enjoyed the beer while Evelyn was asleep.  The pub was buzzing and it was great to see they are doing soo well.

Digital StillCameraAfter that it was time to meet our host Ash, so went to his place, where Evelyn started playing with his dog 🙂

We then went out for few beers and the night ended very late.



Digital StillCameraWe woke up happy to be together again and after I shared breakfast with the host he took us for a walk around town before going to a hitchhiking spot to BRATISLAVA.

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraEvelyn played with his dog while we had a good chat and Jozef took me for a beer and Borovicka in what looked like a newsagent.

It seems to be a place where many people come for a short break as the prices are very low (
0.60euro for each). Quite dangerous if you have an alcohol problem.

Digital StillCameraThen Jozef walked with us to a good hitchhiking spot for Bratislava and we got a ride in less then 30 minutes.

Digital StillCameraI have arranged in advance a meeting with someone from PROTI PRUDU organization that is doing a lot of work with homeless in BRATISLAVA.

Digital StillCamera


I have purchased their magazine NOTA BENE the day before while searching for Evelyn.

It is a monthly magazine that focuses on social issues and it is sold by street vendors which receive half of the money for all the magazines they sell.

As I was on my way there, my meeting was cancelled as the person I was supposed to meet had an emergency with one of the clients.

I decided to visit their office anyway and just get as much information as possible.

Digital StillCameraAnd I was very lucky as a gentleman who was working at the desk has offered me a coffee and we started to chat.

Digital StillCameraAt the end he was very helpful and I had to chance to have a look around as he was talking about different aspects of their work.

He showed me the computer room where there clients can use the internet and they also provide IT workshops.



Digital StillCameraTheir clients are able to receive all the mail in the office of Proti Prudu as they obviously don’t have a permanent address.

Digital StillCameraTheir is a daily living room where they can socialize and it is also occasionaly used for presentations or screening of movies.

obalka_jelaI was pleasantly surprised when he gave me their newest published book called “ZÁZRAČNÉ DIEŤA” that was written by a lady who lived for most of her life on the street and she has also been suffering from mental illness. She writes in the book about her life and experiences in different mental hospitals with honesty and criticism of the system. I will make an effort to read as it is in Slovakian, a language I am only starting to know.

This was already their fourth book published and they also published audiobooks and music cd’s. He was kind to give me one of these two and two booklets about their past projects in Slovakia.

There is also a theather called Divadlo bez domova (Theather without home)

This project was started by PROTI PRUDU organization but now it is running independently but still with the support from organization. Currenlty they are showing a play based on a book “ZÁZRAČNÉ DIEŤA”.

Digital StillCameraAs I was saying goobye we all witnessed one of their cars being damaged as the snow has fallen from the roof.

I was very happy to learn about their work and grateful for all the material they gave me.

Digital StillCameraWe then went to say goodbye to Janka in her office and thank her again for all the help. Evelyn had a good time playing there with few treats that she got 🙂

It was already evening when I tried to hitchhike to Vienna, unfortunately the spot that was recommended on just wasn’t busy enough at that time of night so I had to ask Jozef to stay an extra night in TRNAVA and thankfully he was very kind to accept us even though we came late at night.

That was the end of another exciting day on our adventure.


DAY 28: after all day exploring BRATISLAVA – EVELYN goes wandering and missing…

Digital StillCameraOur second day started early as our host went to college we started our tour around the city.

First we saw the residence of Slovakian president who is not very popular here, but which politician is these days around Europe?

Digital StillCameraI thought that the building of Slovak radio station looked very interesting as it has a shape of upside down pyramid.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCameraIt was cold and snow everywhere but I had fun exporing streets of Bratislava and I really liked clever statues on the streets like the photographer and the worker coming out of the road 😀

Digital StillCameraThis time of year Bratislava is quiet with tourists. The season kicks of in April when boats on Danube start their tours.

Digital StillCameraThe city certainly has its charms and its well worth visiting and I think spring is probably great time.

Digital StillCameraEvelyn was happily running by the river and maybe we will have a chance to go on the boat next time.

Digital StillCameraShe also met a boy and they played for few minutes before he had to go home and I remembered to take a photo of two of us in the mirror.

Digital StillCameraOne of the very interesting architectural places is Modry kostol or a Blue Church of St.Elizabeth; an art nouveau building that is a great example of Hungarian secession

Digital StillCamera

We passed by an ice skating ring, placed on a very nice square.

While walking around I was also searching for office of Proti prudu organization that is working here with homeless and it is publishing Nota Bene magasine once a month. I didn’t find them and I was hoping to be of better luck tomorrow.

Digital StillCamera

As we went to a train station to take a break we witnessed security being nasty to an old homeless lady that was asleep in a waiting room. She wasn’t bothering anyone and she was obviously just looking for a warm spot. But they decided to follow the rules without any empathy. This same lady was kicked the day before too when a security guy really roughly pulled her out. This kind of violence upsets me always.

Digital StillCameraAfter that bad scene it was time to go up to Bratislava castle (Hrad) where we couldn’t enter as dogs are not allowed but we managed to see this cool statue on the way up.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCameraAnd we got a great viewpoint at the restaurant nearby the castle.

After all that we went back to our hosts place to pick up stuff and say goodbye.

But then something unexpected happened. As I was having dinner with my host, Evelyn was in a garden playing with his big female dog.  As I was on the way out we realized she is gone. We started searching everywhere and I called my friend Janka who started posting on different groups on Facebook that she is missing. and sharing her photos and her blog. That night we went 3 times in search of her,mostly in a big Horsky park nearby. After that I was sure that somebody has taken her and I was just hoping that tommorow we will be able to locate her.

There was no other option but to stay an extra night with our host Tomas, who was very helpful and wait for the morning to continue searching with the help of Janka.

It was a weird night and I kept dreaming about her, but I had a good feeling we will find each other next day.

Brno in January… Czech republic

Digital StillCamera

Sunny day in Brno so we went for a long walk around…

Digital StillCamera

and we met a dog too…

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