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I would like to say THANK YOU…


I have been thinking about writing a special THANK you page for a long time and this post is an intro to that page.

When I started writing this blog  I was still living in Dublin,Ireland and I didn’t foresee that the road will take me to so many different places around Europe since then. The places can be special on their own but what makes them amazing are the people you meet there. And not just people, but animals too 🙂 like my dear Evelyn ❤

In 7 years of living in Ireland, that land and its people became a place which my heart and soul can call HOME.  But at the time when this blog came to life I was feeling a great need for a change and I started by quiting my job in a very good Dublin pub then I moved shortly to Galway, thinking maybe to stay there over the summer. That never happened as certain events and the people that I met triggered my move out of Ireland and I have started traveling around Europe, starting with Grenoble in France. There I was with someone who deserves very,very BIG THANK YOU for everything that our friendship has given to me. She is also a fellow blogger, so here I invite you to have a look at her blog.

She is one of many people that I am grateful for being part of my life. It doesn’t matter how long you know someone, but the quality of relationship with that person. We all have people in our lives that we don’t have to see very often but when we share time it is mutually enjoyed and we feel blessed for the connection.

It is important not to forget some connections that have might been lost as they have influenced our life at the time they were actual.

olivesSince that initial move, I have been living a life mostly following my intuition which meant I was probably confusing friends with changes of my plans. In my mind I was keeping the doors opened to many possible paths and I know that sometimes I made mistakes and took the wrong turns. I felt I needed to explore,make mistakes, learn and deal with all the guilt that sometimes comes with all the changes that you are experiencing. It takes time to accept yourself and not to feel guilty if some of your friends and family don’t understand your changes and what your path is about. Even I sometimes don’t understand it and that is why I am exploring and looking for the one that is closest to my heart and soul purpose.

Some connections have been broken in the proccess, some have changed, many new have been born.

There are many wonderful people that I wish to express my gratitude for being a part of my life.  That is why I am starting with a THANK YOU PAGE

sky above Toscana

Thanks to all the followers, friends and secret admirers 😛

Love from Muppetofaman

We sign the wall in Poland…

Digital StillCameraSmall train station as we wait for a regional train… the town is Swardzow Wroclawski

I decide to mark our presence there… 😀

Digital StillCamera


Update day 3 from Geneva

Thanks to new dictaphone, we have been recording sounds and interviews 🙂 Some of these here soon, watch this space 😉

Today we met folks from the Armee du Salut here in Genève, Switzerland.

Tonight we are sleeping in an Abris de protection civile… another name for an ATOMIC BOMB SHELTER!!! Pretty cool. 😀

Of course, we know another underground Baza very well…
which is where the picture is from.
Any idea where this might be?

Digital StillCamera

Laku noc!
Muppet&Evelyn sur la route sous la terre 🙂

Snaps and notes of days 1 and 2 :)

Digital StillCamera
Keeping track of things roughly in muppetnotebook 🙂
Digital StillCamera
sometimes you don’t want to look too closely at your face in the morning after a night sleeping on the town…:)
Digital StillCamera
Sunshine and bench; perfect combination for morning break in a park 🙂
Digital StillCamera
And last but not least, our friendly chocolate 🙂 rewards for intrepid adventurers always welcome 🙂

By the way, if you read this blog regularly, you know we are trying to get you interested in our campaign 😀 so you donate for homeless cause 😀 Thank you!

As this post comes into blogexistence, we are somewhere close to Geneva…
Will keep you posted 🙂
Love and Peace

Dragons of Ljubljana

Dragons are a symbol of Ljubljana, in Slovenian “Zmajceki”…

so Aya and Muppet join the dragon forces for the moment 😀


We are going on the road…




woof woof

from Evelyn and Muppet


Love playing like this with Aya :D



Muppet and Aya having loadz of fun

In Munchen day 2, with the icebreaker Daniel…

My dear friend Daniel that I met last night at 11pm in his house is always changing my plans 😀

But I don´t mind because together we have a very good energy and we will work today on our projects that we started when I was in June in München. We need some good cosmic energy today because we are meeting few important people and also our good mate Sinisa. The only worry I have that Daniel sometimes does stuff in a strange way so I always have to keep and eye on him.

As I write this he did something really silly and irrisponsible and he got my dear friend Sinisa angry. It is another lesson Daniel has to learn, he likes telling others what they have to do, but then he does silly stuff himself.

I like doing things my own way too, but as times goes by and I gain more experience, I always prefer to work with each individual the way it is suitable for them. I don´t mind adapting but there are certain rules I have. Simply put, main rule is mutual respect and we listen to each other.

If this rule is followed then everything is sorted easily and we don´t waste time.

We are always learning new things and the fastest way is to be opened to new ideas and to listen to others. If we talk too much and do nothing then we should work in politics 😛 but in real life and real free market, listening to others and working on your personal improvement garantees success. And if someone is not ready to work with you then you politely say goodbye to them and they will come back to your life when they are ready. And most important, try not to lose your friends over business!!! Although I personaly think that if someone is your real friend no everday life difficulty can destroy that friendship.


Because life is just a ride… and we don´t have time to be unhappy…


love to all dear people that I have met so far on this trip and all my old friends and all of you who stumble every now and then on this blog…

Muppet in break the balls mood 😀 😛


P.S. to Ingrid and Piggy, I hope to see you both before I get to Croatia….

P.S.S. to all good people out there… please email me on if you want to share something or suggest or just meet up one day somewhere… my birthday is coming soon and as I didnt celebrated last year, this year is a big one and I hope to see many old and new friends in Croatia in two weeks time…



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