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When wind shakes the waves…

In Croatian coast, this is a typical scene during a summer storm… Sea waves jump on the road..


Remembering eventful summer


Sheridan’s Irish pub in Zagreb; great place where I spent good time with friends 😀

thanks to my good friend and owner Adrian

this is good,old Djole behind the bar

DSCF5321Rijeka; a port city where I spent my high school years, always happy to come back to it;

this time we haven’t organized sleeping on time; my fault, so we slept in sleeping bags in this boat and it was worth it for this beautiful sunrise

DSCF5335Ferry dock in Rijeka where we have been few times this summer; here Aya and Evelyn wait for my friend to come back 😀


with good friends we had to south from Zagreb in a car; first trip in a car for Evelyn 😀

and we spent 5 great sunny days in a camp nearby this splendid beach at Starigrad-Paklenica; dogs had a great time  and we windsurfed; one of the activites that I tried for the first time this year…

DSCF5419Evelyn sleeping in our campsite; looking at it now, she has grown quite a bit since then…

in the back you can see a bottle of Cedevita; a drink powder with vitamins, very popular in Croatia…

The summer was great and I was happy to be in Croatia for good part of it. And grateful to meet so many amazing people and establish new friendships…

Love from Muppet and Evelyn

Windsurfing photos… this summer in Croatia

This is where windsurfing joy happened.

Lucija and her father  started a windsurfing school this summer in Starigrad near national park of Paklenica and we had a chance to experience it.

I am grateful for free lesson received and I really enjoyed learning few tricks and surfing for over an hour… and the nature and sea there are beautiful…

One of many cool spots in Croatia..

Few more photos…

Going to InMusic and hope to see Ruiz and my mate Tomi :D

It is so bloody hot in here, had a swim already in Jarun… 

now on the way to Inmusic, Ruiz plays at 6;15 so Looking forward to see my mate Tomi and have a beer…

And I will probably have another swim… 

More news later when its not so scorching…

Muppet melting…

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