Here are my thoughts in the morning of a day4 just before we met Kiki.


IMGP0185After enjoying the stroll around the city filled with amazing colours as the sun lay its light on it, we go to see UN area and a beautiful park beside it.



We saw this demonstration site just outside UN.

IMGP0193Afterwards we went to Le Phare for lunch.As we were waiting for a lunch I decided to demonstrate how to make eco-wallets from carton; around ten people gathered and Denise was taking photos 😀

So far I gave them all as presents and people like them, I am making more as I travel…

This time I had a long talk with a man from Spain, who has shared his very troubling story about living in Panama and having to get away from there as the people in power wanted to hurt him.

Later after another delicious lunch, Andi; pastor of Armee du Salut in Geneve, had time to talk to me 🙂


Afterwards he shared some of his photography and I am hoping I will be able to show you in the future how talented he is. Some of the photos were just soooo beautiful…

We said goodbye to everyone and went to catch regional train to Lausanne…

Wonderful time in Geneve… THANKS to all awesome people we met there…