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DAY 16:great last day in BERLIN; meetings with GEBEWO people;sleep outside in BEESKOW

IMGP1170 We start the day waking up in a Berlin park… WHY? because I tested our skills to survive outside in the cold as we didn’t know what is ahead of us and the winter was kicking on… Of course, we were asleep maybe for 4 hours and then we moved to airport with S-bahn to warm up and have another nap…IMGP1174IMGP1178

IMGP1180IMGP1184IMGP1186And then around 10am we go to GEBEWO homeless hostel where one of the social workers gave us a tour of the place and introduction to their work. There is a good sense of community and as we walked around there was music and chat coming from many rooms. And we even met some of the guys and one of them was very happy to show us his room and some of the photos of his old home…IMGP1193

IMGP1210IMGP1212IMGP1233After that great meeting and experience, we strolled around the city taking photos and playing.

IMGP1246Later that evening we met with another lady from GEBEWO. I had more then and hour long conversation with Lina and we discussed many different subjects related to homeless people and their situation in Berlin and Europe in general. It was a great dialogue and we learned from each other and agreed on future cooperation.

IMGP1256IMGP1257IMGP1264We had to say goodbye to catch our regional train  and later that night we came to BEESKOW,  a small city where we had to spend a night sleeping beside the supermarket… so looks like the test in Berlin was worth it as we got a quite spot and managed to stay warm for 5 hours of sleep…

next day we were going to POLAND where POZNAN was our first stop…


Best moments in Geneve in photos :D

IMGP0079 IMGP0187IMGP0082 IMGP0195 IMGP0203IMGP0071IMGP0036IMGP0124IMGP0177

Geneve was a great boost for the rest of the journey

IMGP0095 IMGP0096 IMGP0100

Strolling around Geneve ( DAY 3 out of 44)

IMGP0077 IMGP0075 IMGP0082

DAY 1: Evelyn and I on an adventure through Europe;outdoors!

01.01.2013. eveniing

After longer preparation then expected and trouble with uploading a video on a campaign we took of on our adventure after saying goodbye to dear friends that will be giving us support during our trip.

We started late in the evening by taking a train to Chambery at 8:32pm.

As we are traveling on low budget I didn’t get a ticket and it was fine.We spend few hours walking around Chambery and looking for a place to stay.
At the end it was a train station because we saw another guy sleeping there with his dog.That was the only other person we have seen sleeping on the street.

I have enjoyed walking around empty streets of Chambery and taking some photos.We were mostly in pedestrian area so Evelyn was strolling around happily 😀

I couldn’t but contemplate what task is ahead of us and I was hoping I will be able to get a lot of material documented.

Please look through photos we took last night and if you can leave a comment 😀

It would mean a lot to us to get some feedback from people who read this..

And a last thing, take some time to see what is our campaign about and watch our pitch video. Thank you

a cute puppy we met on a trainImage

Some of the Chambery landmarks:


and my Angel Evelyn


Imagethat is where we slept…

we are now going to Geneve… more to follow tommorow…

love from  two of us

Grenoble,France and mountains around; love it…

Photos taken from La Bastille 😀


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