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From Grenoble to Zurich in a day

18.3.2013. Monday

We are revisiting some of the cities we have seen during our big campaign trip in January and February. 


Today we left Grenoble that said goodbye with a morning snow 🙂



We passed through Geneve, before stopping in Laussane to see two dear friends we met in a first week of January.

It was great to see Peter again, our host that time in Mont-sur-Rully and I shared some of the stories from the trip and we remembered a good weekend we spent together in Lausanne. 

And then I met my dear friend Kiki, amazing lady that speaks 11 languages; here is a reminder how we met.



And we finished the day in Zurich, where we are staying at Rene’s place. A great friend from my Dublin days 🙂

We have great memories of Zurich too; stories here 1 and here 2

It was a wonderful day and reminded me of our awesome trip that finished not so long ago.

Please keep following this blog for more stories from that adventure and campaign for homeless people.

3 sleeping spots… Geneve x2 and Bystrzyca Kłodzka


Geneve… 3 sites…January 2013

IMGP0017 IMGP0018 IMGP0068

Best moments in Geneve in photos :D

IMGP0079 IMGP0187IMGP0082 IMGP0195 IMGP0203IMGP0071IMGP0036IMGP0124IMGP0177

Sunny third day in Geneve;UN and Le Phare again… AUDIO

Here are my thoughts in the morning of a day4 just before we met Kiki.


IMGP0185After enjoying the stroll around the city filled with amazing colours as the sun lay its light on it, we go to see UN area and a beautiful park beside it.



We saw this demonstration site just outside UN.

IMGP0193Afterwards we went to Le Phare for lunch.As we were waiting for a lunch I decided to demonstrate how to make eco-wallets from carton; around ten people gathered and Denise was taking photos 😀

So far I gave them all as presents and people like them, I am making more as I travel…

This time I had a long talk with a man from Spain, who has shared his very troubling story about living in Panama and having to get away from there as the people in power wanted to hurt him.

Later after another delicious lunch, Andi; pastor of Armee du Salut in Geneve, had time to talk to me 🙂


Afterwards he shared some of his photography and I am hoping I will be able to show you in the future how talented he is. Some of the photos were just soooo beautiful…

We said goodbye to everyone and went to catch regional train to Lausanne…

Wonderful time in Geneve… THANKS to all awesome people we met there…

Geneve; on second night we slept in a bunker…

Second evening in Geneve I have spent with Kiki, having an interesting conversation and after we went to a shelter where she was staying. In Geneve there are two shelters,run by a city, for homeless people. They are opened from November to April, during the cold,winter season.


I wasn’t allowed to stay in the same shelter as Kiki, because for single men they have a separate shelter. So I walked there and had to wait until 9pm before I was told that there is space. They have a rule that people who have been registered have priority and if someone comes first time they have to wait if it is going to be full or not.

So luckily there was a place for Evelyn and me; after few interesting conversations and a bit of food, we both slept like a log 😀

The whole bunker can accommodated 100 people and it is usually full every night.

IMGP0159 IMGP0162

After a good sleep we went to meet Kiki and walked together through beautiful park…

IMGP0158 IMGP0170

And on the way to town we passed by the beach we slept a night before…


just a reminder what all this is about…


Le Phare, Geneve; a real lighthouse and its people! (day3)

In this coffee shop we got information about Armee du Salut.IMGP0060

After a enjoyable morning stroll, we set off to try and talk to someone in Armee du Salut.IMGP0074

And that is when this trip really kicks off in terms of our mission.

As I have a lot of recorded audio material that will need editing and approval from all the people interviewed, I wan’t be posting any of them until after the trip.

I have first talked to Anne-Marie who was very kind and really opened her heart and shared her story.


Armee du Salut in Geneve runs a Le Phare center for people who are migrants or homeless or in any way in need of help as they arrive to Geneve. They are opened from 11 to 17, Tuesday to Friday and on Sunday. They provide a very good and substantial lunch and also free tea and coffee to people from many different parts of the world. They specially help Latinos as many of them have arrived in Geneve in last two years, with the crisis in Spain getting worse. Except the lunch they provide free French lessons and also help people with any issues regarding their status and rights in Switzerland.

I have met some great people there and had a pleasure of interviewing and talking with pastor Andi and his wife Anne-Marie, Flavio from Bolivia,Denise from Switzerland, Kiki from Macedonia and few other people as on both days I had a lunch there.

Kiki speaks 11 languages!!! I was amazed how she alternated from one language to another with ease. She has done an interview with Flavio and I was just recording.


Flavio was very interesting man with a lot of ideas and I am looking forward to share his story after editing the recording. Denise helped when I was trying to explain to Flavio that I would like to interview him 🙂

All in all 2 and a half days spent in Geneve were so inspiring and I am so grateful for meeting all these wonderful people.

I am hoping I will have a chance to see them again soon.

Next post… what happened in Lausanne?…

Which of these are real United Nations?

United Nations behind the FENCE?

or united nations SHARING lunch gratuit?

IMGP0193 IMGP0126



BEUATIFUL BRIDGE in Geneve (DAY 3 out of 44)


IMGP0070 IMGP0071

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