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From Grenoble to Zurich in a day

18.3.2013. Monday

We are revisiting some of the cities we have seen during our big campaign trip in January and February. 


Today we left Grenoble that said goodbye with a morning snow 🙂



We passed through Geneve, before stopping in Laussane to see two dear friends we met in a first week of January.

It was great to see Peter again, our host that time in Mont-sur-Rully and I shared some of the stories from the trip and we remembered a good weekend we spent together in Lausanne. 

And then I met my dear friend Kiki, amazing lady that speaks 11 languages; here is a reminder how we met.



And we finished the day in Zurich, where we are staying at Rene’s place. A great friend from my Dublin days 🙂

We have great memories of Zurich too; stories here 1 and here 2

It was a wonderful day and reminded me of our awesome trip that finished not so long ago.

Please keep following this blog for more stories from that adventure and campaign for homeless people.


3 sleeping spots… Geneve x2 and Bystrzyca Kłodzka


Good memories of beautiful Zurich :D

Lake on a sunny day with Evelyn chasing the birds 😀

IMGP0634IMGP0665Night stroll by the river…

DAY 10: ZURICH in the morning; train travel in afternoon to MÜNCHEN where we stay in friend´s place

IMGP0698We say goodbye to our bed in Zurich,it served us well for three nights 😀


After a short walk around a park we go to train station to check the best route with regional trains to Muenchen.

IMGP0712And there we meet Spanish guys that we know from Le Phare in Geneve, so random and cool, I give them the address of Sunestube where they can get good dinner for free.IMGP0715

IMGP0720IMGP0725Then it was time to start our trip to Muenchen.

As we change trains we stop at some places on the way like Winterthur, St.Margrethen and Bregenz.

Evelyn was as always enjoying a nap in trains… 😀IMGP0737

Then I make a mistake of getting of in Schwabmuenchen just before Ausburg, so we lose two hours and then finally we get a last connection from Ausburg to Muenchen where my friend was patiently waiting for us.IMGP0747

It was midnight already and after some food and talk we go to bed… 😀 long day but we are in Germany

DAY 9; ZURICH – fantastic day; with Roy Gerber from SWS and Walter Sommer from Heils Armee Open Heart :D

IMGP0681 This was a highlight day of our stay in Zurich.

I spent morning behind computer like now 🙂 and then at 3.30pm I meet with Mr. Roy Gerber from SWS- Sozialwerke Pfarrer Sieber. 

IMGP0682We started talking before they opened the door of their Sunestube center and afterwards we took a break as he was busy. But later we continued and all together after one hour talk and sharing off knowledge,ideas,information I left this place so happy and grateful that I met someone with such a long experience in social projects. Also he was kind to offer help to our small association in Zagreb and we are hoping that we will be able to organize his arrival this April and do something together!

IMGP0683As I had a meal in Sunestube, I met another interesting guy and he was kind to take me to Open  Heart place that is run by local Heils Armee and there I have met Mr. Walter Sommer and had another great talk and we agreed to stay in contact. This center provides 12 bunk beds during winter for people that don’t have anywhere else to stay and they also serve dinner for free and offer help on individual basis.

I have recorded interviews with both of them and once I finish the trip I will be able to edit them and then post them here.

IMGP0691IMGP0694After such an exciting day I went to Helvetia hotel where my dear friend Rene works and there I shared a drink with a new friend that I met in Sunestube. Later Rene joined me for a beer and we finished last night together talking and laughing till late hours.

Zurich was another great experience and I left Switzerland happy and exited about what will the rest of the trip bring.

THANK YOU to everyone I met in Zurich 😀

Day 8; ZURICH walk in the sun and meeting in SWS…

IMGP0598It was a beautiful sunny day in Zurich and after a good sleep and few hours working on my friend’s Mac, Evelyn and I went for a walk. Rene had an afternoon break at work so we went for a coffee and a nice walk to the beautiful lake and by the river.


Later in the evening I went to office of SWS and after a short interview with Walter, he organized another meeting for tomorrow with Mr. Roy Gerber.


Day 7; train to Zurich; cafe Yucca and we meet a friend…

IMGP0539IMGP0532 After 5 hr sleep under a tree in Olten, we hope on a regional train to Zurich. The first train was to Baden and a second then to Zurich. In the frist train we got a first ticket check and as I explained our way of traveling and our project, a conducter was very kind to charge a very reduced rate for a fine; so 20 francs went for a fine. Later on a second train I count the rest of the money.

It was an eventful day in Zurich!IMGP0558

IMGP0545When we arrived I got a lot of information at tourist info from a lovely girl Vera and as a thank you she got the smallest wallet I ever made 😀

IMGP0566We went first to cafe Yucca in old town which is a social project from Stadtmission and is offering a place for people to meet and have some food and drink for a affordable prices. Also they provide few emergency beds and information and assistance for anyone who is in need of help.

David, one of the team members was very kind to talk with me and we made a 20 min interview with a lot of interesting information about their project and also the social services available in Switzerland.

IMGP0587Later we meet with my dear friend that I knew from working together in Ely restaurant in Dublin.

We spend evening talking and it was great to discuss a our campaign with a good friend.

DAY 6; lunch with our hosts family and then Yverdon,Bern and Olten…

IMGP0371It was a day we said goodbye to our wonderful hosts in Lausanne or precisely in Mont-sur-Rolly.

I was in a church with Peter in the morning while Evelyn was busy destroying our room… ooops

In the church I got a very generous donation of 50 francs for our travel which will turn out to be very valuable next day.

She is lucky to be so cute.

IMGP0386Despite that we were invited for lunch with family which lives close to Nyon. Evelyn was busy looking at rabbits and I had an excellent lunch and nice talk with everyone in family.

IMGP0404IMGP0422IMGP0406Around 5pm we jumped on a first train in direction of Bern. We always take regional trains and short root to avoid control. This day we were fortunate again so we stopped in Yverdon-des-bains fro a short walk.


Then we continued to Bern and we got there around 9.IMGP0453IMGP0468

I found Heils armee office ther but it was closed so I went for a beer.

After a beer and Evelyn´s nap we walked around Bern and took some photos…IMGP0490


Later that evening I decide that we should move closer to Zurich so we take last train to Olten.IMGP0503

After 15min walk around the town we found a good spot for sleep and we manage to get good 5 hours of sleep and we were warm enough.IMGP0520

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