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We say goodbye to Zurich after three incredible days…

IMGP0680Good night people of Zurich, THANK YOU for everything that you have given to us during three days here… It gives us incredible strength and faith for the rest of this journey

Lausanne, as we arrived… day 4 out of 44…

Our first impressions of the city as we stroll around…


Later last post about Geneve, about sleeping in a Bunker on a second night and also what happened during the day before leaving for Lausanne…IMGP0220IMGP0222IMGP0225

My thoughts as we get ready to sleep outside in Geneve…AUDIO


I am recording some of my thoughts and also interviews during this trip:

Here are my thoughts just before going to bed on a second night as we slept outside in Geneve…
IMGP0050 IMGP0049

DAY2: GENEVE in the night before sleepin on the beach :D

So after a great day in Chambery, getting all the needed stuff for our trip and thanks to our friend blogger spagically we had updates here about our  whereabouts, but now I follow with photos  of a first night in GENEVA  😀


Geneva at night as we walk in Jardin anglais

Evelyn trying to catch some birds 😀

Food break

Geneve a city of refuge, says here…

beautiful bridge full of lights…

Evelyn guarding us





Peaceful church in Starigrad, Croatia

We were camping in Starigrad near Paklenica national park in Croatia. I couldn’t sleep so I went  walk with the dogs, we passed this beautiful small church. I am not a follower of any major religion, but I respect all traditions. And this kind of peaceful and intimate places for prayer are beautiful to me. DSCF5465

Florence late at night :D

Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera

Zagreb Train station

I have been here many times this year 😀

and this time the hand was shaky 😛
Zagreb train station

This was taken at 3am few days ago and I like the fake fire and colours…  I used the panorama function on my Fujifilm camera 😀

Zagreb; Park Zrinjevac; panorama photo at night

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