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Before Croatia vs Spain match on Euro 2012 in Gdansk, Poland :D

Spain and Croatia together...

great day in Gdansk

And Muppet got it completely wrong…

Spain is together with Barcelona most impressive team I have ever seen in football.

I don’t remember any final with such dominance and conrol of the game like today. The key was that they finally used the amazing passing game very effectively and they weren’t just killing the opponent with endless passing; old rule attack is the best defence is proven again. It is shame that Italian players were too tired and that their coach choose wrong tactics. But to be fair no team in the world could beat Spain the way they played today.

Just heard amazing fact that Xavi and Iniesta have played together since 2002 and this was their 20th mayor final out of which they won 17.

I don’t think their is a better partnership in the history of the world and that is why we all go mad sometimes and we say it’s boring. We don’t realize that we are privileged to see two players that a a team are rewriting history in every new season. I’m so glad for Spain even though as I admit now my sympathy was also with Italy because of everything they showed in this tournament.

I’m also happy that small country like Croatia was a tough opponent to Spain and it gives me faith that with a bit of luck we could do well again on the mayor tournament.

Would love to be now with some of my Spanish friends and enjoy their celebration.

Viva Espana, thanks for awesome play and Italia be proud,  they were just too good today.


It so good to be home; Krasno je biti kuci :D

This is first time I’m going to write in English anda Croatian, but not the last and intention is to have this blog translated in as many languages as possible with the help of friends.

Well Zagreb is as I wrote in one of the previous post a special city for Muppet, only city that I never lived in but I feel like I did and I always come back to it and always something special happens here 😀

This time I have seen Mare after so many years. We know each other from our teenager years and we met in Krk during summer where she used to come for holidays. We haven’t seen each other much in last 12 years but many times I would think of her. She is one of the people that I admire so much and one of my heroes. She suffered a car accident where she was a passenger and she lost her abilitty to walk because of it. But the wheelchair didn’t stop her to achieve so much in life and to finish college and run her own private rehab center in Zagreb.

I hope that now we are going to be in contact more often then before and that the technology and science for people will disabilities will bring new oportunities fro recovery. But for my friend importnat thing is her strenght,love and peace of mind.

I’m staying here with a new friend and his brother, great guys from Zagreb and we have lods to share and I was kindly offered to stay as much as I want. I will do some bussines here in Zagreb and also organize things and make plans for the rest of the summer. Great things are ahead for Muppet and his new and old friends and for many people that we haven’t meet yet.

So as this old computer is taking the time to accept my writing I have to go now and collect my bag that I forgot on the tram in Zagreb but some good man probably driver has collected it.

Life is so good to Muppet that it has to pinch his muppety face every day.

Looking good for final tonight, Italy to win 2:1 is Muppet prediction with goals from Balotelli and Pirlo and Torres for Spain.

Muppet bye until later from 37 deegres in Zagreb…


AND Croatian text later, this grandpa comp needs a rest and linux Ubuntu OS cause windows is too much for it… 😛 😀

Spain in final after not so great game…

That was average football and again nothing special from Spain but with their skilled passing they are still winning and also the belief they posses now makes a huge difference.

But I just can see them winning against Germany or even Italy with this type of play…

For me Italy and Germany are best teams so far on this tournament and with their positive and attacking play they would be my favorites for title.

But then Spain is always capable of playing a great game when needed. And for the Portugal; they are relying to much on Ronaldo and he just can’t deliver on his own.

Over and out from a Footie Muppet

So painting is finishing, now of to City to Explore…

Productive morning,painting is done. Two muppets also bring out to the recycling area an old bed. So deservedly we just had huge meal and now my MuppetHead is going to centre and maybe to see Ted talk.

It is nice and sunny so it should be pleasure exploring this awesome city.

later there is a big game of Euro semifinawhie between Portugal and Spain; Hoping for some good football and goals. I know my Spanish friends will be going mental 😉

Btw, as much as I love football, I dislike strongly current system in European football and I am preparing a rant against Uefa, about all the problems and the obvious fact that main leaders of Uefa only care about money.

But we will save that for the end of the championship.

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