This is a page where GRATITUDE is expressed 🙂

I will personally express gratitude to people,places,animals,nature,friends… and you are free to express your feelings of gratitude in comments bellow.

I will be adding my THANK you thoughts here regularly and also linking to the posts that are talking about Gratitude 🙂


DSCF5640Dear Evelyn, THANK you for coming to my life in the summer last year 🙂 You are a carer of a very light and free energy and your unconditional LOVE is something I keep learning from… our adventures so far have been amazing and inspiring…

aya i ja

Dear Ayayou have been a blessing in my life. I had a pleasure to meet you last summer and I still fondly remember our first play time together… Thank you for being a big sister to Evelyn and teaching her so many wonderful ways of dog fun 🙂


a thank you to my DAD ❤ ❤ ❤