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From Grenoble to Zurich in a day

18.3.2013. Monday

We are revisiting some of the cities we have seen during our big campaign trip in January and February. 


Today we left Grenoble that said goodbye with a morning snow 🙂



We passed through Geneve, before stopping in Laussane to see two dear friends we met in a first week of January.

It was great to see Peter again, our host that time in Mont-sur-Rully and I shared some of the stories from the trip and we remembered a good weekend we spent together in Lausanne. 

And then I met my dear friend Kiki, amazing lady that speaks 11 languages; here is a reminder how we met.



And we finished the day in Zurich, where we are staying at Rene’s place. A great friend from my Dublin days 🙂

We have great memories of Zurich too; stories here 1 and here 2

It was a wonderful day and reminded me of our awesome trip that finished not so long ago.

Please keep following this blog for more stories from that adventure and campaign for homeless people.


Lausanne panorama

Lausanne; a christians tent outside of cathedral; day5/44

IMGP0254After a good sleep and a shower in a house of our generous hosts, we have spent the next day in a tent with our new friends.

IMGP0271The tent was near the Lausanne cathedral and my christian friends were serving there goulash soup,tea,coffee,juices and biscuits all for free.

IMGP0289There were times when we would be singing songs together, although I was mostly just listening as my French knowledge is better in the future 😛

I have seen a lot of one on one talks and sharing of stories and opinions and I was involved in few of them…

IMGP0327In early afternoon I have met a friend from Lausanne and we shared a beer, it was delicious…

IMGP0332Evelyn was in her usual playful mode charming everyone around and occasionally disappearing just to freak me out a little bit 🙂

IMGP0294IMGP0333It was a sunny day in and around the tent as many people were passing by cathedral and stopping to have some food or to talk. I had some very interesting talks that are recorded and after this trip I will be editing them and sharing the most interesting parts.

IMGP0344Around 8pm we have all put a tent down together and then after a chat at our hosts home we were happily back to warm bed…

Love from Muppet and Evelyn

and a big THANK you to everyone we met on this wonderful day 🙂

One of the biggest antique shops in Europe,near Lausanne

Lausanne welcomes us…AUDIO

After great time spent in Geneve we hit the road again, but only for a short train trip to Lausanne. Before catching the train we found out the address of Armee du Salut in Lausanne and my plan was to go there after a short look around old town.



So we arrived with regional train to Lausanne and went to old town first.


IMGP0240 IMGP0244That is when the surprise comes, we come to cathedral and in front of it we see a white tent and some people putting things away. They were serving soup,tea,coffee,juices,biscuits and talking about christianity to people who would come to tent. Peter, one of the people involved was very kind to invite me into his home outside Lausanne after 5 minutes conversation.

We ended up spending few hours talking until him and his wife Deborah were to tired and we went to bed.


Lausanne, as we arrived… day 4 out of 44…

Our first impressions of the city as we stroll around…


Later last post about Geneve, about sleeping in a Bunker on a second night and also what happened during the day before leaving for Lausanne…IMGP0220IMGP0222IMGP0225

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