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Will you help him do the homework?

Will you help him do his homework?


You have unique opportunity to start your New year with something very positive as your generous contribution to our project of building schools in poor and rural areas of Cambodia could make the huge impact on lives of these kids in 2015.

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Christmas day on the streets of Dublin…

Last night we made a chocolate and almond cake with an intention to give slices to homeless people on streets of Dublin.

2014-12-25 08.27.24

We left the house early, me on a bike and Evelyn running beside and as we passed by famous sites like St.Patrick’s cathedral and Christchurch cathedral, many memories came back to me and I smiled 🙂

2014-12-25 10.13.18 2014-12-25 10.16.56 2014-12-25 10.17.07

We stopped beside Queen of Tarts, the best place in town for patisserie ❤

2014-12-25 10.19.022014-12-25 10.17.24

then it was time to come across the first homeless person sleeping, so we left a Christmas wish and a cake beside him to wake up to something made with LOVE <3…

just across the street there was another sleepy person and we did the same thing there…

then a girl came to us asking what are we doing and we ended up sharing a coffee together while talking in Croatian. She comes from my country and she is visiting for two weeks and busking 🙂

another friend joined us and we left to spend sometime with him and Evelyn met a new friend on the way…

2014-12-25 12.28.51

He was a dog from an old friend of mine that heard us talking on the street and joined us…

another coffee in the park and after back to O’Connell street where beside the main post office, there was another homeless person having a naop and we gave him the same present… this time I took a photo from distance ❤

2014-12-25 13.54.06 2014-12-25 13.54.14

and as the awesomeness of the day continued just as we started walking on a pedestrian walkaway by the Liffey river we came across dear friends and we shared another coffee for Christmas and they go to taste the cake 🙂

2014-12-25 14.51.59

Love to everyone on this day and let the spirit of it continue in your lives through the whole year…

We are now off to spend the night on the streets of Dublin, wondering what amazing experience will that be…

2014-12-25 18.44.21


Evelyn and Muppet

I would like to say THANK YOU…


I have been thinking about writing a special THANK you page for a long time and this post is an intro to that page.

When I started writing this blog  I was still living in Dublin,Ireland and I didn’t foresee that the road will take me to so many different places around Europe since then. The places can be special on their own but what makes them amazing are the people you meet there. And not just people, but animals too 🙂 like my dear Evelyn ❤

In 7 years of living in Ireland, that land and its people became a place which my heart and soul can call HOME.  But at the time when this blog came to life I was feeling a great need for a change and I started by quiting my job in a very good Dublin pub then I moved shortly to Galway, thinking maybe to stay there over the summer. That never happened as certain events and the people that I met triggered my move out of Ireland and I have started traveling around Europe, starting with Grenoble in France. There I was with someone who deserves very,very BIG THANK YOU for everything that our friendship has given to me. She is also a fellow blogger, so here I invite you to have a look at her blog.

She is one of many people that I am grateful for being part of my life. It doesn’t matter how long you know someone, but the quality of relationship with that person. We all have people in our lives that we don’t have to see very often but when we share time it is mutually enjoyed and we feel blessed for the connection.

It is important not to forget some connections that have might been lost as they have influenced our life at the time they were actual.

olivesSince that initial move, I have been living a life mostly following my intuition which meant I was probably confusing friends with changes of my plans. In my mind I was keeping the doors opened to many possible paths and I know that sometimes I made mistakes and took the wrong turns. I felt I needed to explore,make mistakes, learn and deal with all the guilt that sometimes comes with all the changes that you are experiencing. It takes time to accept yourself and not to feel guilty if some of your friends and family don’t understand your changes and what your path is about. Even I sometimes don’t understand it and that is why I am exploring and looking for the one that is closest to my heart and soul purpose.

Some connections have been broken in the proccess, some have changed, many new have been born.

There are many wonderful people that I wish to express my gratitude for being a part of my life.  That is why I am starting with a THANK YOU PAGE

sky above Toscana

Thanks to all the followers, friends and secret admirers 😛

Love from Muppetofaman

Gratitude :D



Sometimes I need to stop and look back on a time that has passed.

That is a time for reflection and a time to express gratitude.

I have chosen a new path and a new way of living this year and everything that followed has amazed me and I can feel with my heart and soul that this is the right path for me now and that whatever is around the corner has a meaning for me.


I have learned a lot and I know there is so much more to follow.

I have also shared my own knowledge with other in different fields.


This blog is big part of learning and sharing process. I am grateful for all the people who have liked or comment on my posts or who have decided to start following it.


So far I have seen many interesting and truly wonderful blogs and I will try to find more and follow more. As I haven’t had a laptop with me all the time, many times I only had time to write a post, without checking blogs that I follow or who has started following me recently.

But I as slow down with traveling I will have more time to focus on different things and one of them is to connect more with other bloggers.

Also I am hoping to get soon a new laptop 😀 so I can write more often and also add new pages and blogs to this Muppet Zone 🙂


I am currently working on a new page, where I will arrange my travels and posts about them in chronological order.

At the same time I will write THANK YOU page in which I will try to include all the people,animals,situations and experiences that I feel gratitude for.


And I will make an effort to write more in detail about my interest and to share my knowledge through videos,photos, presentations.


I am also designing a funding campaign for Evelyn and myself in which the GOAL is to aquire a VAN that I will make into our moving HOME and which would make our travels even more enjoyable and we will be able to explore,learn and share more 😀


With smiling face and a woof woof from Evelyn




muppet on olive tree1

11.10.12. First day of our trip…

Evelyn and I left Zagreb around 3pm after saying goodbye to few friends and picking up some stuff for our trip.

I managed to forget my friends laptop in Baza; Stef’s cool club. But it will be picked up next month when I arrive back to Zagreb for some time…

So as I didn’t have much money left I bought a train ticket to Karlovac for 31kn and then stayed on a train till Ogulin, the controler didn’t say anything. From Ogulin I tried to get a train to Rijeka but that didnt worked out so we came to Vrbovsko.

This is a small town in Gorski Kotar area of Croatia and we went for a walk for few km outside with me thinking of hitchhiking but it was to late in the evening and not many cars passing by.

So we slept at the train station in a waiting room. We met a cool guy who has 6 dogs and lives on the hill nearby surrounded by forest. We are invited to visit him next time we are in the area, so maybe we will take on that offer.

I didn’t have my camera yet so only photos I took were with mobile phone that is a bit old, so they want be great quality. So the photo here is from one of internet articles about Vrbovsko.

This part of Croatia is mostly unknown to tourist but I would strongly reccommend it because the nature is unspoiled and beautiful.

As I was walking and trying to hitchhike, it took me a bit to enjoy the moment and not worry about how I get to Rijeka and then Lovran.

I started this trip knowing I don’t have money to pay for the travelall the way to France but I knew that with hitchhiking and occasional train ride for free it is possible. I don’t have a problem going on trains and talking to conducters about letting us stay even though we don’t have a ticket. It depends on a person but many times people understand if you are honest.

So having a dog with me helps to stay in the moment and not worry about the next step to much. For Evelyn, Gorski Kotar was great, many new smells and interesting places. And I enjoyed it too and I was happy to have started a trip with her knowing it will be some adventure.

Since May when I left Dublin I have been more or less on the move and Grenoble was the first stop back then and now I was going back there to see good friends but this time with my dear dog friend Evelyn. Thinking about everything that happened in five months that passed I can only feel happiness, joy and gratitude for all the new places,people and moments I am experiencing every day. The more I travel, the more I am relaxed and I realize that I was always a restless soul that urged to move like a nomad. I like coming to new cities and places and when I visit them again they feel like home. I can happily say that the list of places that feel like home is growing steadily.

One of them is Dublin in Ireland, where I was for almost 7 years and I have many good memories and friendships from living there. I am hoping to go there before the end of the year and catch up with dear friends over a good old Guinness in one of my favourite pubs.

And back to our first day: after few hours sleep on a bench in a train station waiting room, we hoped on the early morning train only to be kicked out on the next station; which first upset me but then I cooled down and remembered everything is for a reason so no need to get in a bad mood. Instead we went inside Moravice train station waiting area and had a nap there before walking up the road to get a good hitchhiking spot… that didn’t worked out but we found our way to Rijeka that evening… more about that in next post…

happy vibes from two of us on the route…

Evelyn and Muppet

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