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Update day 3 from Geneva

Thanks to new dictaphone, we have been recording sounds and interviews 🙂 Some of these here soon, watch this space 😉

Today we met folks from the Armee du Salut here in Genève, Switzerland.

Tonight we are sleeping in an Abris de protection civile… another name for an ATOMIC BOMB SHELTER!!! Pretty cool. 😀

Of course, we know another underground Baza very well…
which is where the picture is from.
Any idea where this might be?

Digital StillCamera

Laku noc!
Muppet&Evelyn sur la route sous la terre 🙂

Dragons of Ljubljana

Dragons are a symbol of Ljubljana, in Slovenian “Zmajceki”…

so Aya and Muppet join the dragon forces for the moment 😀


Nina Pearl in Drac’art; Grenoble 4am

The dance floor is on fire as Nina is swinging her way into dancers hearts.

Check her out HERE

Her and Vlado aka Government 4000 have given us a great night of dancing tunes in Mann’art festival and later in Drac’art club 😀

Lovely people, pleasure to meet them and spend time with them…

Nina Pearl

Evelyn and I visiting Cannes and our friends…

evelyn playing with JimmyEvelyn playing with jimmy 😀

Cannes looking pretty

Cannes harbour on a sunny day in November 😀

ROAD TRIP; short stories behind the photos no.3

The dogs Evelyn and Aya were always playing around us as we were picking 😀

and then they would take a break when tired and sunbathe… we had to sometimes shush them out of the net as they could make a bit of damage…





Host and my friends went to forest to pick some mushrooms and this is what they got;

they were part of a delicious dinner later that evening 😀

Short stories behind photos no.2 from our road trip :D

In Toscana Italy, with friends and lovely hosts…

Up in the olive tree enjoying the picking of olives;

the sound of picking becomes the background for singing and the occasional hug with a tree is inevitable as you are trying to reach for furthest branches

weather was mostly sunny for 4 days of picking and all of us enjoyed it 😀








in total connection with a tree 😀

We go on a trip to south east of France, Cannes :D

Two of us are on the way to south east of France and it should be fun;

we are going to see my dear friends that I worked with in Ely restaurant few years ago in Dublin. After that we go to Toscany for olive picking 😀

photo of our first day together, time is flying when you have so much fun 😀

Strasbourg was inspiring… I will be back there one day…

Cathedral Notre Dame and river Rhin 😀



13.10.12; third day of our trip… we were in Lovran on Marunada festival…

This day I joined my friends in cooking and made a huge veggie stew that made more then 30 people happy…

We got the food from donated money which was organized by one of the locals, a new friend of mine Luka; the atmosphere in our little corner in center of old town of Lovran was really good and we had more people stopping by and having a tea and some food…
Evelyn was happily playing with few other dogs from my friends and charming people walking around the area.
The local priest to a great liking to her and cuddled her everytime he saw her 😀

I was glad that I stayed another day and thought I might stay until Monday which did happen at the end…

A friend of mine said she is going in direction of France and since her name means hope in Croatian I thought how jolly good 😀

And we were promised a ride to a town in Slovenia from where we could easily hitchhike to Italy…

Here are some of the photos from this day  and the night before when my friends played music on a main square , Didgeridoo sounded great  😀

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