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3 sleeping spots… Geneve x2 and Bystrzyca Kłodzka


Day 8; ZURICH walk in the sun and meeting in SWS…

IMGP0598It was a beautiful sunny day in Zurich and after a good sleep and few hours working on my friend’s Mac, Evelyn and I went for a walk. Rene had an afternoon break at work so we went for a coffee and a nice walk to the beautiful lake and by the river.


Later in the evening I went to office of SWS and after a short interview with Walter, he organized another meeting for tomorrow with Mr. Roy Gerber.


DAY 6; lunch with our hosts family and then Yverdon,Bern and Olten…

IMGP0371It was a day we said goodbye to our wonderful hosts in Lausanne or precisely in Mont-sur-Rolly.

I was in a church with Peter in the morning while Evelyn was busy destroying our room… ooops

In the church I got a very generous donation of 50 francs for our travel which will turn out to be very valuable next day.

She is lucky to be so cute.

IMGP0386Despite that we were invited for lunch with family which lives close to Nyon. Evelyn was busy looking at rabbits and I had an excellent lunch and nice talk with everyone in family.

IMGP0404IMGP0422IMGP0406Around 5pm we jumped on a first train in direction of Bern. We always take regional trains and short root to avoid control. This day we were fortunate again so we stopped in Yverdon-des-bains fro a short walk.


Then we continued to Bern and we got there around 9.IMGP0453IMGP0468

I found Heils armee office ther but it was closed so I went for a beer.

After a beer and Evelyn´s nap we walked around Bern and took some photos…IMGP0490


Later that evening I decide that we should move closer to Zurich so we take last train to Olten.IMGP0503

After 15min walk around the town we found a good spot for sleep and we manage to get good 5 hours of sleep and we were warm enough.IMGP0520

Geneve, time to sleep (DAY2)


This is a view from our  sleeping bag on the first night in Geneve; it was -1 Celsius but we kept each other warm and got up at 5 am

we were sleeping on the beach at the lake…

IMGP0047our place just as we are getting up, you can see a bit of frost on a tent that we put on the ground

DAY2: GENEVE in the night before sleepin on the beach :D

So after a great day in Chambery, getting all the needed stuff for our trip and thanks to our friend blogger spagically we had updates here about our  whereabouts, but now I follow with photos  of a first night in GENEVA  😀


Geneva at night as we walk in Jardin anglais

Evelyn trying to catch some birds 😀

Food break

Geneve a city of refuge, says here…

beautiful bridge full of lights…

Evelyn guarding us





DAY 1: Evelyn and I on an adventure through Europe;outdoors!

01.01.2013. eveniing

After longer preparation then expected and trouble with uploading a video on a campaign we took of on our adventure after saying goodbye to dear friends that will be giving us support during our trip.

We started late in the evening by taking a train to Chambery at 8:32pm.

As we are traveling on low budget I didn’t get a ticket and it was fine.We spend few hours walking around Chambery and looking for a place to stay.
At the end it was a train station because we saw another guy sleeping there with his dog.That was the only other person we have seen sleeping on the street.

I have enjoyed walking around empty streets of Chambery and taking some photos.We were mostly in pedestrian area so Evelyn was strolling around happily 😀

I couldn’t but contemplate what task is ahead of us and I was hoping I will be able to get a lot of material documented.

Please look through photos we took last night and if you can leave a comment 😀

It would mean a lot to us to get some feedback from people who read this..

And a last thing, take some time to see what is our campaign about and watch our pitch video. Thank you

a cute puppy we met on a trainImage

Some of the Chambery landmarks:


and my Angel Evelyn


Imagethat is where we slept…

we are now going to Geneve… more to follow tommorow…

love from  two of us

Remembering eventful summer


Sheridan’s Irish pub in Zagreb; great place where I spent good time with friends 😀

thanks to my good friend and owner Adrian

this is good,old Djole behind the bar

DSCF5321Rijeka; a port city where I spent my high school years, always happy to come back to it;

this time we haven’t organized sleeping on time; my fault, so we slept in sleeping bags in this boat and it was worth it for this beautiful sunrise

DSCF5335Ferry dock in Rijeka where we have been few times this summer; here Aya and Evelyn wait for my friend to come back 😀


with good friends we had to south from Zagreb in a car; first trip in a car for Evelyn 😀

and we spent 5 great sunny days in a camp nearby this splendid beach at Starigrad-Paklenica; dogs had a great time  and we windsurfed; one of the activites that I tried for the first time this year…

DSCF5419Evelyn sleeping in our campsite; looking at it now, she has grown quite a bit since then…

in the back you can see a bottle of Cedevita; a drink powder with vitamins, very popular in Croatia…

The summer was great and I was happy to be in Croatia for good part of it. And grateful to meet so many amazing people and establish new friendships…

Love from Muppet and Evelyn

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