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DAY 16:great last day in BERLIN; meetings with GEBEWO people;sleep outside in BEESKOW

IMGP1170 We start the day waking up in a Berlin park… WHY? because I tested our skills to survive outside in the cold as we didn’t know what is ahead of us and the winter was kicking on… Of course, we were asleep maybe for 4 hours and then we moved to airport with S-bahn to warm up and have another nap…IMGP1174IMGP1178

IMGP1180IMGP1184IMGP1186And then around 10am we go to GEBEWO homeless hostel where one of the social workers gave us a tour of the place and introduction to their work. There is a good sense of community and as we walked around there was music and chat coming from many rooms. And we even met some of the guys and one of them was very happy to show us his room and some of the photos of his old home…IMGP1193

IMGP1210IMGP1212IMGP1233After that great meeting and experience, we strolled around the city taking photos and playing.

IMGP1246Later that evening we met with another lady from GEBEWO. I had more then and hour long conversation with Lina and we discussed many different subjects related to homeless people and their situation in Berlin and Europe in general. It was a great dialogue and we learned from each other and agreed on future cooperation.

IMGP1256IMGP1257IMGP1264We had to say goodbye to catch our regional train  and later that night we came to BEESKOW,  a small city where we had to spend a night sleeping beside the supermarket… so looks like the test in Berlin was worth it as we got a quite spot and managed to stay warm for 5 hours of sleep…

next day we were going to POLAND where POZNAN was our first stop…

DAY 15: sites of Berlin and we visit homeless hostel to arrange meeting for next day…

IMGP1096IMGP1097We go for another walk around Berlin… through the parks


and then to one of the Berlin wall sites…

IMGP1109Evelyn looks funny every time she puts her moustache in the snow 😀

IMGP1119We see a socialist ideal painting…


IMGP1127then we visit Charlie´s checkpoint, one of those famous sites from time of Cold War…



IMGP1154IMGP1144and after in the evening we are in Alexander platz with famous TV tower…

and in the homeless hostel from GEBEWO where after a short talk I arrange to visit them tomorrow morning 😀

DAY 13: regional trains to BERLIN,evening in a friend’s place

IMGP0973IMGP0968After a quiet Sunday morning and stroll around HANNOVER we move to




IMGP1013BERLIN: exciting city with so many stories to tell…

We arrived in the afternoon and met our host and a friend from previous visits to the city around 9pm.



IMGP1053As we walked around near her place, we came close to the famous sculpture on the river Spree Molecule Man 😀


It was a cold day with snow everywhere but we both enjoyed the walk before having a relaxed night with a friend

… one of those days on the road when I mostly reflected on waht has hapenned so far…


DAY 12: regional trains to HANNOVER with a stop in ANSBACH to meet my friend El Comandante

IMGP0779In the morning we went for a good jogging session by the river, track covered in snow 😀

IMGP0787IMGP0781Then I said goodbye to big man Alex and I spent few hours walking around very pretty Ausburg.

IMGP0802IMGP0807We then hoped on our first regional train. Destination we wanted to reach was a small town called Ansbach.

IMGP0830There I have a good friend that I met last year during Euro2012 in Poland and we had great time together in Gdansk.

IMGP0851IMGP0856As we arrived there, first we went to have a coffee and excellent cake and afterwards we went to his home and there I had  SARMA, one of my favourite dishes from Balkans. His dad was visiting and he made it perfectly. It felt like being home and the beer went down well with it. So thank you El Comandante 😀

IMGP0935IMGP0952He was also kind to give us a bit of money for our trip… later it came great as we traveled to Hannover. We arrived to there very late and after spending some time in U-bahn station I decide to move to airport around 4am and there we slept till 9am.

Next day it was time to move to Berlin

DAY 11: morning in MÜNCHEN and then train to AUSBURG where we stay in friend´s flat

IMGP0752IMGP0754In the morning I spent good time with my dear friend that I like calling Icebreaker 😀

He was our host and it was great to share our trip so far and get some good advice from him. I went to Heils armee in Muenchen and there I met the mayor Mr.Muller and as he was busy we agreed for an interview over email.

Because I have stayed in Switzerland longer then excpected I have decided to move that afternoon to AUSBURG where I was kindly offered a bed by Alex, a christian and a friend of my host Peter in Lausanne 😀


We have taken a regional train and spend an interesting evening talking about many different subjects.

IMGP0769From him I have found out about association in Hannover and I decided to go there next day. On the way to Hannover is Ansbach where I have  a good friend I know from Euro2012 football championship in Poland.

DAY 10: ZURICH in the morning; train travel in afternoon to MÜNCHEN where we stay in friend´s place

IMGP0698We say goodbye to our bed in Zurich,it served us well for three nights 😀


After a short walk around a park we go to train station to check the best route with regional trains to Muenchen.

IMGP0712And there we meet Spanish guys that we know from Le Phare in Geneve, so random and cool, I give them the address of Sunestube where they can get good dinner for free.IMGP0715

IMGP0720IMGP0725Then it was time to start our trip to Muenchen.

As we change trains we stop at some places on the way like Winterthur, St.Margrethen and Bregenz.

Evelyn was as always enjoying a nap in trains… 😀IMGP0737

Then I make a mistake of getting of in Schwabmuenchen just before Ausburg, so we lose two hours and then finally we get a last connection from Ausburg to Muenchen where my friend was patiently waiting for us.IMGP0747

It was midnight already and after some food and talk we go to bed… 😀 long day but we are in Germany

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