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Road Trip stories and photos no.4; olive oil made in frantoio…

olives we picked ready to be processed in frantoio in Monte San Savino 😀



green gold is coming out and it is spicy and delicious 😀

Evelyn is 3 months old… we went to the vet this morning…

She got third vaccine and her passport is now valid to travel abroad, so we are going tomorrow to Grenoble together with Aya. They gonna have fun there exploring the city and the mountains around it…

Vet says she looks great and healthy 😀 We also met her brothers as they went for a walk. Evelyn is now fast asleep after busy morning. I am making lunch and later we go to Sheridan’s Irish pub.

Maybe later she will be in the mood to post something on her blog. 😀

Here is a photo with her best friend from Sheridan’s.. Dora gives her always little treats and presents


In Munchen day 2, with the icebreaker Daniel…

My dear friend Daniel that I met last night at 11pm in his house is always changing my plans 😀

But I don´t mind because together we have a very good energy and we will work today on our projects that we started when I was in June in München. We need some good cosmic energy today because we are meeting few important people and also our good mate Sinisa. The only worry I have that Daniel sometimes does stuff in a strange way so I always have to keep and eye on him.

As I write this he did something really silly and irrisponsible and he got my dear friend Sinisa angry. It is another lesson Daniel has to learn, he likes telling others what they have to do, but then he does silly stuff himself.

I like doing things my own way too, but as times goes by and I gain more experience, I always prefer to work with each individual the way it is suitable for them. I don´t mind adapting but there are certain rules I have. Simply put, main rule is mutual respect and we listen to each other.

If this rule is followed then everything is sorted easily and we don´t waste time.

We are always learning new things and the fastest way is to be opened to new ideas and to listen to others. If we talk too much and do nothing then we should work in politics 😛 but in real life and real free market, listening to others and working on your personal improvement garantees success. And if someone is not ready to work with you then you politely say goodbye to them and they will come back to your life when they are ready. And most important, try not to lose your friends over business!!! Although I personaly think that if someone is your real friend no everday life difficulty can destroy that friendship.


Because life is just a ride… and we don´t have time to be unhappy…


love to all dear people that I have met so far on this trip and all my old friends and all of you who stumble every now and then on this blog…

Muppet in break the balls mood 😀 😛


P.S. to Ingrid and Piggy, I hope to see you both before I get to Croatia….

P.S.S. to all good people out there… please email me on if you want to share something or suggest or just meet up one day somewhere… my birthday is coming soon and as I didnt celebrated last year, this year is a big one and I hope to see many old and new friends in Croatia in two weeks time…



Elixir raw food; more teasers :D

Well worth visiting :D Zagreb, Croatia;

Check out their website and visit if you can 😀

Elixir Raw food club



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