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DAY29(2/2): after rejoining we visit TRNAVA :D


Digital StillCameraOur little drama has finished in late afternoon in Bratislava and as we were rejoined it was time to visit a new place, so we went to TRNAVA where our host Jozef was waiting since yesterday for us. Jozef was our fifth couchsurfing host and I was happy to see Trnava as it sounded like an interesting place.

We took a regional train as it was cheap and our host waited for us with his dog so we walked through the old town to get to his flat.

Digital StillCameraTrnava is full of churches and I took few photos during our walk. Dogs were happily playing in the snow and when we got to flat they went a bit crazy in play 😀

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCameraWe went for a local beer in a Slovakian pub and there I met more people and we had interesting conversations.

Digital StillCameraOn the way to pub we came across Evelyn’s name on the building

It was a good finish of the day and I was happy that we are back together 😀


Grenoble: early morning a month ago…

Just before going on a train to Lyon… 5am

On a train… loving moment…

My fellow travelers have a moment of pure love…

on a train from Celje to Zagreb… not so long ago


I wasn’t the only one having a coffee break…

what I like about it that people usually enjoy that first coffee in silence if they are outside their house…

I like that and I like a slow start into a day with peace and silence,specially in the winter…

As I am always so tsunami like energy in summer it is good to slow down a bit and get more focused in cold months 🙂

le chien think the same way, warm up and slow down 😀

Sedond ZUG TEAM; train from Paris to München on 01.08. 1am

Train station Poznan; early morning :)

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