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To friends known and unknown…

olivesDear friend,

I am writing this letter, hoping that is going to reach you in far lands.
It has been more then a few moon phases since we have seen each other.
In this period you were on my mind in certain special moments; it was nice to remember our time together and experiences that we shared. As I think about these moments I am hoping soon we will experience new and exciting time together.
I wanna THANK YOU for  the words of advice and a words of kindness that you shared with me in some of our time together. I appreciate a friend’s advice or opinion and even if it is different then mine I still learn from it.
I hope that you are also learning from me and understanding that my words are flown out there with the good will and good spirit…
Even though I never intend to hurt you I know that people sometimes feel hurt or offended regardless of your words and actions.
In any case I am sorry if this has happened between us.
I would like to tell you that recently I prefer action to words. I think it says more about honesty of somebody then any word can express.
I try to live a life of truth now and as I don’t have a need to lie to myself then I don’t lie to others too.  Of course I get of this path sometimes, but less and less as I am moving on.
I have traveled a lot this year and my travels have enriched my life tenfolds.
I am happy to share these new experiences,ideas and knowledge with my old and new and still unknown friends. For this I will continue to follow this path of my heart and intuition as this is the only path I know now.
I would like to quote something from a beautiful book that I am reading at the moment:
“Tell me a story, Pew.
What kind of story, child?.
A story with a happy ending.
There is no such thing in all the world.
As a happy ending?
As an ending.”

The book is called “Lighthousekeeping” by Jeanette Winterson.

So I say goodbye until our next meeting as it will arrive in a good time.

Yours faithfully,

sky above Toscana

Animal Love

Animal love.


There are so many things humans need to learn from animals. So many things they have managed to forget and hide in their supposedly intelligent brains. Because they believe their fake supperiority over all other beings means they mustn’t be in touch with the animals they are. That to be human somehow deprives them of any instinct, any natural impulse, anything earthy, simple, brightly part of the circle of living. Where do they think they are? Do they not have furry bodies too? Do they not have exactly the same needs as other beings, for freedom, shelter and the community they can share love and fellowship with? Are they from outerspace? or born on this beautiful planet too? I wonder sometimes. When I see them destroying themselves and the Earth, I wonder if they really know what they’re doing and who they are.


When they remember what they really are, humans can love the way all animals do. As animals, we love life, the sweetest gift of all. We ask no questions from it. The answers are so mysteriously wonderful and diverse that to know them is like trying to hold the stars in a pea pod.

We love ourselves and each other the same way rivers run to the sea. With all that we are, have been or will be. We give ourselves as we are, effortlessly, learning how to recieve what others offer us. We know instinctively how to share joy, we are guileless.

Humans are brainwashed to think there is a shortage of what they try so hard to hold onto and keep. They don’t know life is abundance, an unbound multiplicity of everything – be it love, food, water, air, sunlight… They believe: That what one person has, another will never get unless he takes it from her. That love is limited in quantity, there is only a certain amount of it to go round. If your lover cares so much for a new friend, she will have less of herself to devote to you: what she spends on the other, she is taking from your share. So humans are jealously terrified that whatever escapes them, they will have to fight to get back. This makes them weak and frightened. They need to remember love is as perenial as the grass, and the Earth is as full of it as the deep oceans of drops of water.


If humans loved as well as animals can, they would stop hurting all those around them, including themselves and find the peace of heart and mind they yearn for. Loving with all their ingenious creativity, they would know how to heal the flesh and the soul battered by time and unecessary hardship.They would use all their natural potential to find and share happiness, and be part of the shining warmth of freedom that is the breath of life itself.


Yours in animal fellowship and love,


Post from last night 26.06. Wien crew in our pub base…

Another good night with Maja,Ana and  Gaz… It is strange for a muppet to be in a place for a bit longer… Got used to moving and traveling.

Feel so at home in Vienna, as much as I felt in Gdansk… I’m in a reflection mode a bit these days, this trip has been full of insights for me and also I cleared a lot of negative feelings and emotions… Including anger that wasn’t necessary.

I started this blog with intention of writing about all that is good and bad in our world…. So far focus was mostly on good, but I will have to write about dark side of the moon. We all have our doubts and as I got 1000 views in Muppetzone I realize I have a chance now to connect to many like minded people even without meeting them in person.

So I will be adding more material about different matters and subjects I have an interest about.

I was always interested in probably to many subjects and trying to do too many things at the same time, but as I grow older and turn more muppety, the focus is better and I’m becoming more productive…

So with these thoughts I leave u…

Nite nite world of muppets pretending to be human… 😀

18.06. day 11 quick update… :D

Moja domovina 😀

in Gdansk or as my dear Irish will say G-Dance hahahha


I will upload later stories from previous days with a help of friends but it is more important now just 

to continue experiencing…

Last nite in Gdansk was special, so just to say thank you to:

Gogo Montangero, Machado de Olive, Didi, Shanti, Meg, Steph, Phillipe, Manue, Inga, Lucy, Daniel,Shunjo, Shona, Prsho, Ladinho, Boki; Ubavka, Jasho, Lanchi,Robi, Hrki,Mireia,Victor,Shane,Fawaz,Srna, Alen, Tomi, Goran, Kitty the amazing chef,Zucho, Spiglinho, Jaca, Natasa, Sandra, Janko x 2, Shaka, Slaven- odjebaus u skokez hahhaha

Sinisha, Emina, Tristan, Milan, Fadilj, The security guy with a Gandalf beard, he is a legend, sorry for reacting like that at first :D, a polish girl that kept croatian jersey safe, her friend that was dancing with us and so many more from last night and the time before that… 

u enrich my life very day and thank you for that… I feel so grateful for everything… a

and last but not least, hvala svim gradovima i posebno to all trees,lakes,rivers,mountains and to More


udo i nave; peace and love


😀 ❤


ur Butrageno, Shupljicko, Aguero, Kole, Tsunami…

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