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DAY 21:WROCLAW- hangover and meeting with Majka from’ House of Peace’ :D

I spent all morning sleeping after a long night out.

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraDigital StillCameraWe went for a walk in the afternoon. I went to get some food in Bar Mewa where they serve food with reduced prices, so I had full meal for 8 zloti or 2 euro.

Digital StillCameraThen we went to same space where I watched documentary night before and there I met Majka and she works for House of Peace that has been active locally for last 5 years. Their main projects are focused on improving relations between different ethnic groups in Wroclaw Nadozde area.

They have been working a lot with young people in the community and she gave me as a present a music cd of a teenager hiphop band 😀

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraDigital StillCameraWroclaw is beautiful in the evening and I enjoyed walking around with Evelyn.

Day 20: WROCLAW..with Adrian around the city; WrocDoc at night

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraWe arrived very early to Wroclaw.

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraIt was 6am as we walked around town. Our host Adrian has worked the night shift so we met at 7.30am at his place. After few hours of sleep we went together to city center and I liked the architecture and colours…

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraThen he took us to a nice healthy food restaurant where we had great time together.

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraThey make excellent soups and vegetarian dishes and really good smoothies..

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraLater that night I went to see a documentary and there I met some of Adrian’s friends and we had interesting discussion after the film. It was a documentary about religion and science by Richard Dawkins and it served as a good base for debate. I wasn’t to impressed with the film itself as it seemed a bit too subjectively presented, but it still made some interesting points that were discussed afterwards.

After we went out for a drink as the organizer of WROC DOC Paul had a leaving party. Of course, few of us stayed for more then one and this resulted with my first hangover of the trip 😛

It was  7am when I came back to Adrian’s place…

DAY 17: hello POLAND; we arrive to POZNAN and couchsurf with two lovely students

IMGP1266IMGP1276 IMGP1269We have woken up very early in BEESKOW beside the supermarket and went to train station to catch the first regional train to FRANKFURT an ODER. There we had to wait for few hours for train to Poznan.

IMGP1284 IMGP1297We took this train to SWIEBODZIN, where without my knowledge at a time is the biggest statue of Jesus in the world, even bigger then the famous one in Rio de Janeiro. We were there mostly in the waiting room and went for a short walk so I haven’t gone outside of the city to see the statue.

There we jumped on a regional train to POZNAN; beautiful city I know from last year’s EURO football championships.

IMGP1309IMGP1311We were in Stary Rynek, when I got a message from two students that we can stay with them tonight if we have no other options. It was first time on this trip I have used couch surfing and it worked even though it was LAST minute request posted by my friend in France.


We spent the evening with our hosts getting to know each other and as they studied I was working on their computer…

It was a great day and as I got a lot of info from tourist office, I was hoping to do a lot tomorrow…

DAY 16:great last day in BERLIN; meetings with GEBEWO people;sleep outside in BEESKOW

IMGP1170 We start the day waking up in a Berlin park… WHY? because I tested our skills to survive outside in the cold as we didn’t know what is ahead of us and the winter was kicking on… Of course, we were asleep maybe for 4 hours and then we moved to airport with S-bahn to warm up and have another nap…IMGP1174IMGP1178

IMGP1180IMGP1184IMGP1186And then around 10am we go to GEBEWO homeless hostel where one of the social workers gave us a tour of the place and introduction to their work. There is a good sense of community and as we walked around there was music and chat coming from many rooms. And we even met some of the guys and one of them was very happy to show us his room and some of the photos of his old home…IMGP1193

IMGP1210IMGP1212IMGP1233After that great meeting and experience, we strolled around the city taking photos and playing.

IMGP1246Later that evening we met with another lady from GEBEWO. I had more then and hour long conversation with Lina and we discussed many different subjects related to homeless people and their situation in Berlin and Europe in general. It was a great dialogue and we learned from each other and agreed on future cooperation.

IMGP1256IMGP1257IMGP1264We had to say goodbye to catch our regional train  and later that night we came to BEESKOW,  a small city where we had to spend a night sleeping beside the supermarket… so looks like the test in Berlin was worth it as we got a quite spot and managed to stay warm for 5 hours of sleep…

next day we were going to POLAND where POZNAN was our first stop…

I just did a successful PR stunt :P DAY 29 of our trip


I am back with Muppet after having all SLOVAKIA searching for me and people sharing my photo on facebook. 

No this wasn´t a PR stunt I just wandered away and some nice guy  picked me up and then this morning other people picked me up and finally Muppet arrived around 4pm to pick me up…

I was a bit worried and wondered what took him so long but I then jumped on him like crazy and now I am getting loadz of treats… Janka is taking photos of me and she has helped so much in getting us together again…


and now I also got so many new views on my blog so more people will follow our adventures…:D

btw we are day 29 of our big trip with a mission… a reminder what is it all about 



DAY 11: morning in MÜNCHEN and then train to AUSBURG where we stay in friend´s flat

IMGP0752IMGP0754In the morning I spent good time with my dear friend that I like calling Icebreaker 😀

He was our host and it was great to share our trip so far and get some good advice from him. I went to Heils armee in Muenchen and there I met the mayor Mr.Muller and as he was busy we agreed for an interview over email.

Because I have stayed in Switzerland longer then excpected I have decided to move that afternoon to AUSBURG where I was kindly offered a bed by Alex, a christian and a friend of my host Peter in Lausanne 😀


We have taken a regional train and spend an interesting evening talking about many different subjects.

IMGP0769From him I have found out about association in Hannover and I decided to go there next day. On the way to Hannover is Ansbach where I have  a good friend I know from Euro2012 football championship in Poland.

DAY 9; ZURICH – fantastic day; with Roy Gerber from SWS and Walter Sommer from Heils Armee Open Heart :D

IMGP0681 This was a highlight day of our stay in Zurich.

I spent morning behind computer like now 🙂 and then at 3.30pm I meet with Mr. Roy Gerber from SWS- Sozialwerke Pfarrer Sieber. 

IMGP0682We started talking before they opened the door of their Sunestube center and afterwards we took a break as he was busy. But later we continued and all together after one hour talk and sharing off knowledge,ideas,information I left this place so happy and grateful that I met someone with such a long experience in social projects. Also he was kind to offer help to our small association in Zagreb and we are hoping that we will be able to organize his arrival this April and do something together!

IMGP0683As I had a meal in Sunestube, I met another interesting guy and he was kind to take me to Open  Heart place that is run by local Heils Armee and there I have met Mr. Walter Sommer and had another great talk and we agreed to stay in contact. This center provides 12 bunk beds during winter for people that don’t have anywhere else to stay and they also serve dinner for free and offer help on individual basis.

I have recorded interviews with both of them and once I finish the trip I will be able to edit them and then post them here.

IMGP0691IMGP0694After such an exciting day I went to Helvetia hotel where my dear friend Rene works and there I shared a drink with a new friend that I met in Sunestube. Later Rene joined me for a beer and we finished last night together talking and laughing till late hours.

Zurich was another great experience and I left Switzerland happy and exited about what will the rest of the trip bring.

THANK YOU to everyone I met in Zurich 😀

Lausanne; a christians tent outside of cathedral; day5/44

IMGP0254After a good sleep and a shower in a house of our generous hosts, we have spent the next day in a tent with our new friends.

IMGP0271The tent was near the Lausanne cathedral and my christian friends were serving there goulash soup,tea,coffee,juices and biscuits all for free.

IMGP0289There were times when we would be singing songs together, although I was mostly just listening as my French knowledge is better in the future 😛

I have seen a lot of one on one talks and sharing of stories and opinions and I was involved in few of them…

IMGP0327In early afternoon I have met a friend from Lausanne and we shared a beer, it was delicious…

IMGP0332Evelyn was in her usual playful mode charming everyone around and occasionally disappearing just to freak me out a little bit 🙂

IMGP0294IMGP0333It was a sunny day in and around the tent as many people were passing by cathedral and stopping to have some food or to talk. I had some very interesting talks that are recorded and after this trip I will be editing them and sharing the most interesting parts.

IMGP0344Around 8pm we have all put a tent down together and then after a chat at our hosts home we were happily back to warm bed…

Love from Muppet and Evelyn

and a big THANK you to everyone we met on this wonderful day 🙂

We say goodbye to Zurich after three incredible days…

IMGP0680Good night people of Zurich, THANK YOU for everything that you have given to us during three days here… It gives us incredible strength and faith for the rest of this journey

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