Travel and spread the Love and Peace :D



Stop at this table :D

A friend’s design in his house near Zagreb 🙂

Do you like it?
Part of our future web shop offer… unique design 🙂


DAY29(2/2): after rejoining we visit TRNAVA :D


Digital StillCameraOur little drama has finished in late afternoon in Bratislava and as we were rejoined it was time to visit a new place, so we went to TRNAVA where our host Jozef was waiting since yesterday for us. Jozef was our fifth couchsurfing host and I was happy to see Trnava as it sounded like an interesting place.

We took a regional train as it was cheap and our host waited for us with his dog so we walked through the old town to get to his flat.

Digital StillCameraTrnava is full of churches and I took few photos during our walk. Dogs were happily playing in the snow and when we got to flat they went a bit crazy in play 😀

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCameraWe went for a local beer in a Slovakian pub and there I met more people and we had interesting conversations.

Digital StillCameraOn the way to pub we came across Evelyn’s name on the building

It was a good finish of the day and I was happy that we are back together 😀


Piano player; Ljubljana main square

IMGP1466Near the end of our trip we went to Ljubljana, Slovenia and we had pleasure listening to a free concert on a main square.

We are now in Grenoble after 62 days on the road and more then 6000km traveled 😀

Evelyn and I in Brno :D

Digital StillCamera

One the places on our trip that was special for us… Thank you to good people we met there…

Happy in Zadar,Croatia…

sorry only an old photo in this post, which will probably reduce the chance of many likes 😛

this is not Zadar, but Mostar, one of the many places that stays in our hearts..Digital StillCamera

we are still on the road… 51st day… many kilometers traveled, many stories experiemced… many new friends…

We are now in Zadar… we arrived here yesterday after hitchhiking for two days from Split which is only 150km away… but two night sleeping outside when you dont plan was a blessing…

I would really like to write more frequently qbout our trip, but I have no laptop with me so it is only when I get a chance to use someones computer… but there will be time to tell the stories…


after an amazing and isnpirational day in Zadar I say good night or good day to all of you who read this…

love from Evelyn and Muppet

I just did a successful PR stunt :P DAY 29 of our trip


I am back with Muppet after having all SLOVAKIA searching for me and people sharing my photo on facebook. 

No this wasn´t a PR stunt I just wandered away and some nice guy  picked me up and then this morning other people picked me up and finally Muppet arrived around 4pm to pick me up…

I was a bit worried and wondered what took him so long but I then jumped on him like crazy and now I am getting loadz of treats… Janka is taking photos of me and she has helped so much in getting us together again…


and now I also got so many new views on my blog so more people will follow our adventures…:D

btw we are day 29 of our big trip with a mission… a reminder what is it all about 




Lausanne panorama

We say goodbye to Zurich after three incredible days…

IMGP0680Good night people of Zurich, THANK YOU for everything that you have given to us during three days here… It gives us incredible strength and faith for the rest of this journey

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