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Piano player; Ljubljana main square

IMGP1466Near the end of our trip we went to Ljubljana, Slovenia and we had pleasure listening to a free concert on a main square.

We are now in Grenoble after 62 days on the road and more then 6000km traveled 😀

Dragons of Ljubljana

Dragons are a symbol of Ljubljana, in Slovenian “Zmajceki”…

so Aya and Muppet join the dragon forces for the moment 😀


08.08.12. On a train from Ljubljana to Zagreb :D

Thank you Ljubljana and my dear friends here… :D

I was going to stay here one night, but in such a good company sometimes is better to stay a bit longer. It is something that happens regularly during this trip. Everywhere I have been I have stayed at least a day longer then planned. Didn’t realize it until now, but it must be because of the people that I meet and I just let myself enjoy the moments.

But today my friend and I move to the next destination, which is Zagreb. There I will meet few friends and then move to the coast for few days before coming back to Zagreb for the weekend as that is where I hope to see a lot of my dear friends on the party.

Thank you Helena,Ursa,Brigita,Mateja and Luka for the hospitality and open hearts.


From last night in the garden…

March 2012, cool bike in Ljubljana, by the river :D

One day in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he is weird boy

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