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12.10.12; Second day of our Road Trip :D

Waking up in Moravice train station, after few smiles and comments of people towards Evelyn we walked up 2km to get to main road and hitchhike.

But after few hour I realise there is not enough cars, I was even counting them 😛 and weather was very gray; so I went over to three guys that were having a little break in a bar nearby and asked them if they would like to by some tobacco from me; I had it already rolled into cigarettes and I said I am selling it to get the money for a train to Rijeka the non smoker in the group wanted to just give me the money but I left two packets to his friends to try. So now with 40kn in my pocket I went back to station and bought a ticket to Fuzine, which is few station before Rijeka. We hoped on a next train around 2.30pm and we arrived to Rijeka with no problems meeting two interesting girls in a train who were going to some student conference in Rijeka. While waiting to meet my dear friend from childhood, Evelyn and I started talking to a guy all Rijeka knows as Brada; he is homeless for more then 15 years, but from conversation with him he doesn’t seem to be bothered by that. He was very interesting and we exchanged views on many different fields and I got some usefull info from him. He also gave me a lot of fruit and I gave him my sleeping bag after finding out that his one was stolen. Next time in Rijeka I will look for him and maybe we can have a lunch together.

When my mate Goran arrived we went for a walk with Evelyn and his dog Lajka; he is a vet and since I know him he always had dogs; so of course I asked him many questions about Evelyn and he liked her very much. After a walk he kindly gave us alift to Lovran where we quickly found our dear friends that we met on a rainbow gathering ot so long ago in island of Vir near Zadar,Croatia.

In Lovran there was traditional 3 day festival called Marunada, it is festival of chestnut and my friends had a little table in old town where they served food, tea and coffee for free 😀 We joined them as they played music and we slept that night behind the main church on some beds; it was a warm and dry night so we had a good sleep… and I also got my camera back from one of my friends who kept it for me as I left it in Vir… at that time I wasn’t sure how long will I stay there but as the festival only started that Friday we decided to stay one more day at least.

more about that in next post…

check out Evelyn’s blog for her view on this trip 😀

greets from Grenoble where we are staying for another week… Muppet and Evelyn woof woof

Windsurfing photos… this summer in Croatia

This is where windsurfing joy happened.

Lucija and her father  started a windsurfing school this summer in Starigrad near national park of Paklenica and we had a chance to experience it.

I am grateful for free lesson received and I really enjoyed learning few tricks and surfing for over an hour… and the nature and sea there are beautiful…

One of many cool spots in Croatia..

Few more photos…

Cool people in Baza… dogs are asleep under the table…


First day of the trip; Grenoble 07.06. and mister Aromatique :D

March 2012, cool bike in Ljubljana, by the river :D

One day in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he is weird boy

Sedond ZUG TEAM; train from Paris to München on 01.08. 1am

27.06. really cool place in Vienna; they brew their own beer :D

Yeah; Paris takes you over and then you meet an old friend from Dublin; random take 2 :D

As many times on this trip, their is too much happening to have time to write a new post.

I’m still in Paris, because yesterday just when I finished the free tour from Discover Walks on the Montmartre, I heard someone shouting my name?! It was Claire, girl from Ireland that used too work with me in Ely winebar in Dublin few years ago. She is here for the summer, doing a course for an english teacher certificate. So now I am writing on her Macbook Air just after a nice french breakfast with fresh warm baguette 😀 

And yesterday I had my first cuppa of Irish tea since I left Ireland middle of May… happy days…

Since my last post I was with Ingrid and Thilo in Parc Asterix; that was so cool, my first time in a park like that just never got a chance when I was younger… We were so happy and we spend 8 hours there, so much fun. I’m waiting for the photos from Ingrid so  you can see how much fun we had…

Then yesterday I did two tours with Discover walks, which are free and you support the guides with tips. First one was with Amelie and Edouard about Paris landmarks and I was lucky to be on my own on this tour so we had a easy going chat and stroll around Paris. Later we met for a cafe near Grand Boulevards metro station. In the second tour I met lovely australian couple Margaret and Philip and we had a meal together in Maison du Rose on Montmartre. 

Then later with Claire, her cousin Siobhan and a cool couple from California we had a picnic in a park near Eiffel tower;  probably one of the best spots in the world for a picnic…

So who knows what is ahead today, I know their is always surprise around the corner 😀 and yep I will get to Dublin eventually and that is going to be some craic; catching up with my good mates and cucarachas 😛 😀

over and out as I go out to explore Paris… on the way to Jim Morrison grave this morning…

Muppet sur la route ❤

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