Why Lika?


The land, the people, the history, the NOW and the Future <3 <3 <3 <3

#TheLand (wikipedia article about region of Lika, Croatia)



Plitvice Lakes National Park






110 Miles PLUS 4 Blessed Future <3

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intention was :

Holyhead to Welshpool from

Day 1 – 11.02.2015.- Dydd Mercher

*Holyhead to Menai Bridge*

Day 2 – 12.02.2015. – Dydd Iau

*Menai Bridge to Betws-y-Coed*

Day 3 – 13.02.2015. – Dydd Gwener

*Betws-y-Coed to Corwen*

Day 4 – 14.02.2015. – Dydd Sadwrn

*Corwen to Oswestry*

Day 5 – 15.02.2015.

*Oswestry to Welshpool*

Day 6 – 16.02.2015.

11.20am – *meeting in Severn Road for national insurance number, Welshpool*

What really happened?

find out soon here :D <320150104081833-PIC_014310887772_10205901692604962_1039449902_nbc5415079f42bd3e40b5df660cf0de1510863844_855622361150669_7552663414144685039_o579954622014_October_bDSCF20672014-12-25 14.51.592014-02-16 16.12.132014-02-16 14.06.582014-02-16 13.19.332014-02-16 12.59.102014-02-15 23.30.582014-02-15 15.45.562014-02-15 15.01.21 2014-02-15 15.43.11 2014-02-15 11.57.34 2014-02-15 11.46.25 2014-02-14 08.21.40 2014-02-14 07.13.56 2014-02-18 15.26.14

Our first minute of Pilgrimage around Wales, England and Ireland

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Thanks to Alun from Mon CF… for awesome support :D

we are blessed with everything that happened since 31st of January and all our time living on the streets of UK and Ireland.

Last four days in Galway we are staying in warm beds :D <3 <3 <3 <3

we are now recycling streets and becoming true Street Artists :v


Pilgrimage Holyhead to Welshpool 11.02-16.02.2015. – 110 Miles 4 Blessed Future



Pilgrimage of personal development and future blessings 

Route: Holyhead to Welshpool

Distance: 121 miles – 194 km

Duration: 11.02.2015. at Noon <> Hanner Dydd- 16.02.2015.

Goal: Travel and Spread the Love and Peace

20150104081833-PIC_0143Reach: direct contact during the walk and also crowd-funding campaign where we receive support and feedback.

Final Destination: Welshpool, Severn Road, where i have meeting to pick up National insurance number and the same day my sole trader venture Croatina comes into life fully.  The lease has already been signed for a shop on London Road in Holyhead.

10921748_10205901692764966_896386098_nCrowd-funding campaign : Why Wales and Holyhead? – 110 miles 4 Blessed Future

Day 1 – 11.02.2015.- Dydd Mercher 11 fed° Chwefror

*Holyhead to Menai Bridge*

Day 2 – 12.02.2015. – Dydd Iau

*Menai Bridge to Betws-y-Coed*

Day 3 – 13.02.2015. – Dydd Gwener

*Betws-y-Coed to Corwen*

Day 4 – 14.02.2015. – Dydd Sadwrn

*Corwen to Oswestry*

Day 5 – 15.02.2015.

*Oswestry to Welshpool*

Day 6 – 16.02.2015.

11.20am – *meeting in Severn Road, Welshpool*

@Jana# by Ivana Tarnaj

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<3 <3 <3 <3 about the Source and water… and Love in this letter from LoveSourceLetter <3

Originally posted on LoveSourceLetter:

CROATIA’S HIDDEN TREASURES:Living on air and water or how unity almost destroyed a paradise

In the land far, far away, called the land of the hawks, hidden behind vineyard hills, not far from the old castle, just on the edge of the forests – lays a hidden spring. It is a small spring, a pool, one may say, big enough for children to jump in and play. It blows little bubbles around your body, while you lay. It’s not to cold, nor is it to warm. It’s bottom is paved with stone. Not clay.

Just next to it, there is an old barn. Next to the barn is a house, and then the village, few old houses and no caffes or shops or malls to pay.
The spring is called Jana. The Village, St. Jana’s. The nearby town, Hawkstown (Jastrebarsko).

Now, why is it of any importance to…

View original 721 more words

LoveSourceLetter No1.

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<3 <3 <3 <3

Originally posted on LoveSourceLetter:

* every 14 days… 14 authors… 14 stories…

* http://www.lovesourceletter.wordpress.com

* inspirational stories, real life and fiction… each day one story…

* each day one link to a crowd-funding campaign…

* guest interviews… featuring other Socially and Humanly conscious blog, websites, tweets…

* only one Rule: Love, Learn, Express, Accept, Share… <3 <3 <3 <3

Proudly presenting this week:

27.01.2015. “Jana” by Ivana Tarnaj on  (day late release due to LifeLine issues)*

28.01.2015. “Osobe s invaliditetom nisu andjeli” – People with disability are not angels” by Božica Ravlić





02.02.2015. “Shani” by Zora Megasteruna

03.02.2015. no name article by Lana Hobit

04.02.2015. ‘Willow from Cumberland”- interview with Renee Ann Butler




08.02.2015. something from Angie Andjela Grgurovac


* as this is a first issue it is WORK in PROGRESS, so it will be UPDATEd daily and we will have all fourteen story published here…

View original 40 more words

LoveSourceLetter… LjubavIzvorPismo… release date 27.01.2015.

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More in a later post…


We Love you , We Source it for you, We send you a Letter… <3 <3 <3 <3

Mi Vas Ljubimo, Mi Vam Izviremo, Mi Vam saljemo Pismo… <3 <3 <3 <3



Ivana Tarnaj

Božica Ravlić

Željka Vučko

Lana Hobit

Megan Zora

Happiness is Totoro


Evelyn Vedrana

Mr. Music Source Marko

Renee “Willow” Butler

Ana Maria Kezerić

Zel Sheba

Dragana Jurišić

Dejan Karin

Wanderley Massarfelli




Nikola Ćuk

Tomislav Ruiz Go No Go i …

Nenad Platiša

Darko Jurić

Natascha Living Foods…

ide i Angie Andjela Grgurovac sa nama na put… <3

and many many more awesome authors and their stories…

i puno puno drugih autora i njihovih prica…

Please stay tuned in as the birth of the website and the letter is tomorrow… <3 <3 <3 <3

Love from Evelyn Vedrana & Muppetofaman

:D :P :v

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