Travel and spread the Love and Peace :D



3 sleeping spots… Geneve x2 and Bystrzyca Kłodzka


a NAP…

Not so long ago, a nap after a good party night and a big hangover 😛sleep

Evelyn asleep

In Munchen again after 6 days in Paris…

Just a quick update… traveled last night with over night train, usual Muppet way… I will explain what that means in seperate post, but u can very well imagine…

Zug team was great this time again… Ingrid traveled with me and we met bunch of new people… 😀


now gotta have a rest and a shower…not enough sleep on a train 😛


cheers from Muppet

Paris day 5; toothache; change of plans :P :D

Here I am in Claire’s flat in Paris, my last day here, it is time to move to the next destination.

So two days ago I went to Pere-Lachaise cemetery with Claire and Siobhan and we saw graves of Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde and few other interesting people including a statue of a soldier in lying position that died in one of the wars. What is peculiar about this soldier is that people believe if you touch him on his intimate area, it helps with fertility 😀 so you can imagine how this part of the statue has lost its original color 😛

As we were walking my toothache was getting stronger and the painkillers were becoming ineffective. So that evening Claire helped me find a hospital and we were sent to this 24/7 emergency hospital that has a special dentist section for emergencies. There it took only 10 min to get it checked and from a very nice dentist I got injection for pain and prescription for antibiotics. I was so happy to get such fast and efficient service and to start treating the infection. It will take 8 days of antibiotics before I can go to my dear friend Ida Sapun in Zadar, Croatia to fix that tooth.

I just found out that I can visit a friend in the south of France and as I need to go to Grenoble, I might continue south before coming back to Croatia. In any case I am leaving Paris today, but not sure yet in which direction. Dublin is probably off for awhile now because I have to come back to Croatia asap.

Yesterday was my first totally chill out day in a long time… I watched Godfather 1 and The Muppets with Claire while drinking Irish tea… felt like I am back in Ireland. I was out only to meet Thilo and Judith as Thilo went back last night to Regensburg. We had a coffee and I’m sure we will see each other soon again.

In few hours I’m meeting two cool Californians Kim and Eric, my friends from the picnic at the Eiffel few days ago. We gonna have some Croatian wine by the Seine and some snacks… happy days… after that coffee with Ingrid and then I go to train station and pick a train somewhere… 😀 😛

I prefer to travel like this on my own, because it could be too stressful for others as I easily change my plans and I keep following intuition… most of my decisions on this trip were quick and spontaneous and I think that is one of the reason I’m having such amazing time. I always try to keep higher perspective and not to worry too much with small things… like where I’m gonna sleep,how I will travel etc.

Au revoir

Muppet sur la route

George Best city airport Belfast

Best place to sleep on airports 😀 😛

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