Travel and spread the Love and Peace :D



Playing by the river Drac; GRENOBLE

One of my favorite spots to play with Aya and Evelyn 😀
We have a space on sand and pebbles to run and bark at each other 😛



and they always get excited jumping up and down trying to catch the stick…


they are both fond of water

Dragons of Ljubljana

Dragons are a symbol of Ljubljana, in Slovenian “Zmajceki”…

so Aya and Muppet join the dragon forces for the moment 😀


Dogs and olives :D

they got very tired after running around olive trees, so they take a nice rest in the sun 😀

Toscany, November 2012 dogsandolives

Some from the road trip with Evelyn…it has been amazing so far…

We have been on road trip for more then a month now, but soon we will be back in Zagreb.

Here are few photos from our trip… many stories to follow when I will have time and laptop  to do it…


Evelyn and Aya playing in Toscana beside olive trees that we picked for few days

and vineyards in Toscana of Camperchi wine producers, excellent merlot and sangiovese 😀

Love playing like this with Aya :D



Muppet and Aya having loadz of fun

check out what Aya’s says… I think she will go madly happy when she meets Evelyn…

Aya talks about Brac, Croatia :D

I will post how Muppet feels about being here…

Magical… ❤

love to all dear people and animals of any kind…


Aya and Meg saw Croatian sea for the first time and they loved the swim…

It says air is free on this website, what about travel? Well that depends on your willingness to search for free travel. We were hitchhiking yesterday from Zagreb, goal was Split but then we changed the sign to sea anywhere and after 5min a Hungarian gentleman stopped with a brand new Honda Accord; what a luxury; He was going to Opatija, beautiful resort beside Rijeka in the Croatian north coast and we joined him hapilly 😀

He loves good music and also good wine so we connected well; we left him our emails so hopefully he will keep in touch. I would love to thank him with nice bottle of Croatian wine.

We spend the night in Opatija; first the swim, so nice,warm,clean… then a walk and a beer in Slatina…

As it was to late to find anywhere to stay for two of us and Aya; we had some sleep near the sea on the bench. We got early bus drive to Rijeka, nice driver let us go with Aya…

So now in Rijeka, trying to get as many numbers from friends and see some of them if possible. We want a swim too and later to see my mum for coffee 😀

And then tomorrow we will continue journey south to Split and then ferry to Brac…

our friends and their dogs are waiting for us… Aya is going to have a great craic there…

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