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Playing by the river Drac; GRENOBLE

One of my favorite spots to play with Aya and Evelyn 😀
We have a space on sand and pebbles to run and bark at each other 😛



and they always get excited jumping up and down trying to catch the stick…


they are both fond of water

Sunset in Cannes; November 2012

Digital StillCameraOur first time in Cannes was last autumn and we had a lovely stroll by the beach with our friends. We were staying nearby in Vallauris. Azur coast is beautiful and we will hopefully visit it again this year.

By the River Drac we play…

Third day in a row of sun and blue sky in Grenoble and we go for our favorite morning walk near the river Drac…

Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraDigital StillCamera

Sunny, beautiful day; perfect for hiking

Going for a hike with Evelyn, I might stay tonight somewhere in mountains around Grenoble…

Great day outside 😀

Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera

When you can’t be in Ireland…

… a local pub will do…



Francais leçon et bière :D

Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera

Ice skating in Grenoble :D


Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera

Mann’arte festival in Grenoble; DJ Government 4000

Grenoble, Friday night

Great night out, I was behind the bar with the friends from association Drugi most; one of the organizers of festival Mann’arte. Noel au Balcon.

Government 4000 and Nina Pearl kept everyone dancing for hours 😀

Digital StillCamera

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