IMGP0779In the morning we went for a good jogging session by the river, track covered in snow 😀

IMGP0787IMGP0781Then I said goodbye to big man Alex and I spent few hours walking around very pretty Ausburg.

IMGP0802IMGP0807We then hoped on our first regional train. Destination we wanted to reach was a small town called Ansbach.

IMGP0830There I have a good friend that I met last year during Euro2012 in Poland and we had great time together in Gdansk.

IMGP0851IMGP0856As we arrived there, first we went to have a coffee and excellent cake and afterwards we went to his home and there I had  SARMA, one of my favourite dishes from Balkans. His dad was visiting and he made it perfectly. It felt like being home and the beer went down well with it. So thank you El Comandante 😀

IMGP0935IMGP0952He was also kind to give us a bit of money for our trip… later it came great as we traveled to Hannover. We arrived to there very late and after spending some time in U-bahn station I decide to move to airport around 4am and there we slept till 9am.

Next day it was time to move to Berlin