IMGP0698We say goodbye to our bed in Zurich,it served us well for three nights 😀


After a short walk around a park we go to train station to check the best route with regional trains to Muenchen.

IMGP0712And there we meet Spanish guys that we know from Le Phare in Geneve, so random and cool, I give them the address of Sunestube where they can get good dinner for free.IMGP0715

IMGP0720IMGP0725Then it was time to start our trip to Muenchen.

As we change trains we stop at some places on the way like Winterthur, St.Margrethen and Bregenz.

Evelyn was as always enjoying a nap in trains… 😀IMGP0737

Then I make a mistake of getting of in Schwabmuenchen just before Ausburg, so we lose two hours and then finally we get a last connection from Ausburg to Muenchen where my friend was patiently waiting for us.IMGP0747

It was midnight already and after some food and talk we go to bed… 😀 long day but we are in Germany