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Sunset in Cannes; November 2012

Digital StillCameraOur first time in Cannes was last autumn and we had a lovely stroll by the beach with our friends. We were staying nearby in Vallauris. Azur coast is beautiful and we will hopefully visit it again this year.

DAY 28: after all day exploring BRATISLAVA – EVELYN goes wandering and missing…

Digital StillCameraOur second day started early as our host went to college we started our tour around the city.

First we saw the residence of Slovakian president who is not very popular here, but which politician is these days around Europe?

Digital StillCameraI thought that the building of Slovak radio station looked very interesting as it has a shape of upside down pyramid.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCameraIt was cold and snow everywhere but I had fun exporing streets of Bratislava and I really liked clever statues on the streets like the photographer and the worker coming out of the road 😀

Digital StillCameraThis time of year Bratislava is quiet with tourists. The season kicks of in April when boats on Danube start their tours.

Digital StillCameraThe city certainly has its charms and its well worth visiting and I think spring is probably great time.

Digital StillCameraEvelyn was happily running by the river and maybe we will have a chance to go on the boat next time.

Digital StillCameraShe also met a boy and they played for few minutes before he had to go home and I remembered to take a photo of two of us in the mirror.

Digital StillCameraOne of the very interesting architectural places is Modry kostol or a Blue Church of St.Elizabeth; an art nouveau building that is a great example of Hungarian secession

Digital StillCamera

We passed by an ice skating ring, placed on a very nice square.

While walking around I was also searching for office of Proti prudu organization that is working here with homeless and it is publishing Nota Bene magasine once a month. I didn’t find them and I was hoping to be of better luck tomorrow.

Digital StillCamera

As we went to a train station to take a break we witnessed security being nasty to an old homeless lady that was asleep in a waiting room. She wasn’t bothering anyone and she was obviously just looking for a warm spot. But they decided to follow the rules without any empathy. This same lady was kicked the day before too when a security guy really roughly pulled her out. This kind of violence upsets me always.

Digital StillCameraAfter that bad scene it was time to go up to Bratislava castle (Hrad) where we couldn’t enter as dogs are not allowed but we managed to see this cool statue on the way up.

Digital StillCamera

Digital StillCameraAnd we got a great viewpoint at the restaurant nearby the castle.

After all that we went back to our hosts place to pick up stuff and say goodbye.

But then something unexpected happened. As I was having dinner with my host, Evelyn was in a garden playing with his big female dog.  As I was on the way out we realized she is gone. We started searching everywhere and I called my friend Janka who started posting on different groups on Facebook that she is missing. and sharing her photos and her blog. That night we went 3 times in search of her,mostly in a big Horsky park nearby. After that I was sure that somebody has taken her and I was just hoping that tommorow we will be able to locate her.

There was no other option but to stay an extra night with our host Tomas, who was very helpful and wait for the morning to continue searching with the help of Janka.

It was a weird night and I kept dreaming about her, but I had a good feeling we will find each other next day.

Piano player; Ljubljana main square

IMGP1466Near the end of our trip we went to Ljubljana, Slovenia and we had pleasure listening to a free concert on a main square.

We are now in Grenoble after 62 days on the road and more then 6000km traveled 😀

Brno in January… Czech republic

Digital StillCamera

Sunny day in Brno so we went for a long walk around…

Digital StillCamera

and we met a dog too…

Evelyn and I in Brno :D

Digital StillCamera

One the places on our trip that was special for us… Thank you to good people we met there…

Geneve… 3 sites…January 2013

IMGP0017 IMGP0018 IMGP0068

DAY 26: all day exploring BRNO and we meet Anna’s friends

After a great night sleep, Evelyn and I went to explore city of BRNO. I got the address of Armady spasa, so we first walked to there.

Digital StillCameraI had a nice chat in a mix of Czech and Croatian with people who work there and again I got an email of the director(pastor) as it was a weekend and he wasn’t there. I will have to contact all this people in Czech republic when I finish a trip and hopefully get some more info about their work.

IMGP1426IMGP1430For the rest of the afternoon we walked around Brno and Evelyn met really nice big dog to play with.





IMGP1434IMGP1436We were at a beautiful viewing spot when we came across this dog an his owner.




IMGP1438Around 5pm we met Anna and went to join her friends for a beer.


IMGP1443Then two of them were taking a flight to London where they live so we went to airport together. After few shots of Becherovka and few beers I was so ready for another good night sleep 😀 😛



IMGP1445IMGP1446But we went to another club and had few more drinks so as we arrived home around 2am I fell asleep in a second…

Evelyn was already napping in a club 😀

We sign the wall in Poland…

Digital StillCameraSmall train station as we wait for a regional train… the town is Swardzow Wroclawski

I decide to mark our presence there… 😀

Digital StillCamera


DAY 23: center for homeless in WROCLAW and on the road to PRAGUE…VIDEO

Digital StillCameraIt was time to say goodbye to Wroclaw after amazing time here… When I first planned the route, Wroclaw wasn’t on the list but I am so happy that I decided to visit this vibrant and active city. Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraOn our last morning there we went to see a center for homeless people that is run by a big non profit association that has many centers around Poland. We spoke to Olek, who was very busy but he took some time to tell us about their work. He was running a computer lab where they have IT course for their residents. We didn’t have time to see much more of the center but we stayed in touch and I am hoping to see Olek again in near future. The association is

St Brother Albert Aid Society

and it has been helping people without home for more then 30 years. Here is the link to their website Digital StillCameraLater we picked our stuff in Adrian’s flat and we said goodbye to our bed 😀 We went to train as it was getting dark and I knew we won’t be able to get to Prague that day. But I was hoping to get as near as possible. We started with regional train, then we tried to hitchhike in a small place outside of Wroclaw, that didn’t work out so we took few other trains stopping in small places as I didn’t have enough money to pay for full tickets. Here are few photos from our stops on the way… Digital StillCamera Digital StillCamera IMGP1416 IMGP1418 IMGP1417 In one of them called Swardzow Wroclawski I recorded these two videos:

Asking for more money 😛

Review of the trip so far

At the end we manage to get as far as Bystrzyca Klodzka, a small town near the border with Czech republic. Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraIMGP1344After wondering around looking for a spot to sleep as it was cold, we get back to train station as the waiting room was opened. It wasn’t heated but we still manage to sleep in a sleeping bag on a bench… IMGP1346 Tomorrow we have continued to Prague…

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