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Le Phare, Geneve; a real lighthouse and its people! (day3)

In this coffee shop we got information about Armee du Salut.IMGP0060

After a enjoyable morning stroll, we set off to try and talk to someone in Armee du Salut.IMGP0074

And that is when this trip really kicks off in terms of our mission.

As I have a lot of recorded audio material that will need editing and approval from all the people interviewed, I wan’t be posting any of them until after the trip.

I have first talked to Anne-Marie who was very kind and really opened her heart and shared her story.


Armee du Salut in Geneve runs a Le Phare center for people who are migrants or homeless or in any way in need of help as they arrive to Geneve. They are opened from 11 to 17, Tuesday to Friday and on Sunday. They provide a very good and substantial lunch and also free tea and coffee to people from many different parts of the world. They specially help Latinos as many of them have arrived in Geneve in last two years, with the crisis in Spain getting worse. Except the lunch they provide free French lessons and also help people with any issues regarding their status and rights in Switzerland.

I have met some great people there and had a pleasure of interviewing and talking with pastor Andi and his wife Anne-Marie, Flavio from Bolivia,Denise from Switzerland, Kiki from Macedonia and few other people as on both days I had a lunch there.

Kiki speaks 11 languages!!! I was amazed how she alternated from one language to another with ease. She has done an interview with Flavio and I was just recording.


Flavio was very interesting man with a lot of ideas and I am looking forward to share his story after editing the recording. Denise helped when I was trying to explain to Flavio that I would like to interview him 🙂

All in all 2 and a half days spent in Geneve were so inspiring and I am so grateful for meeting all these wonderful people.

I am hoping I will have a chance to see them again soon.

Next post… what happened in Lausanne?…

Update day 3 from Geneva

Thanks to new dictaphone, we have been recording sounds and interviews 🙂 Some of these here soon, watch this space 😉

Today we met folks from the Armee du Salut here in Genève, Switzerland.

Tonight we are sleeping in an Abris de protection civile… another name for an ATOMIC BOMB SHELTER!!! Pretty cool. 😀

Of course, we know another underground Baza very well…
which is where the picture is from.
Any idea where this might be?

Digital StillCamera

Laku noc!
Muppet&Evelyn sur la route sous la terre 🙂

Next 44 days in my and Evelyn’s life…

Digital StillCameraSometimes you make a decision that could affect your life in every way possible. I think what I am about to do with my dear dog Evelyn is one of those decisions.

Can we have 2 and a half minutes of you attention to see OUR TRIAL CAMPAIGN VIDEO? 😀

sorry for a low quality, it was recorded with a digital camera not designed to make great videos 🙂 and we had a shaky “accident” during filming…and the background noise is too strong. I am working on another one now.
More about campaign in a next post with a new VIDEO and a link to our campaign site on INDIEGOGO… 😀

Peace and Love

from Evelyn and Muppet

Remembering eventful summer


Sheridan’s Irish pub in Zagreb; great place where I spent good time with friends 😀

thanks to my good friend and owner Adrian

this is good,old Djole behind the bar

DSCF5321Rijeka; a port city where I spent my high school years, always happy to come back to it;

this time we haven’t organized sleeping on time; my fault, so we slept in sleeping bags in this boat and it was worth it for this beautiful sunrise

DSCF5335Ferry dock in Rijeka where we have been few times this summer; here Aya and Evelyn wait for my friend to come back 😀


with good friends we had to south from Zagreb in a car; first trip in a car for Evelyn 😀

and we spent 5 great sunny days in a camp nearby this splendid beach at Starigrad-Paklenica; dogs had a great time  and we windsurfed; one of the activites that I tried for the first time this year…

DSCF5419Evelyn sleeping in our campsite; looking at it now, she has grown quite a bit since then…

in the back you can see a bottle of Cedevita; a drink powder with vitamins, very popular in Croatia…

The summer was great and I was happy to be in Croatia for good part of it. And grateful to meet so many amazing people and establish new friendships…

Love from Muppet and Evelyn

To friends known and unknown…

olivesDear friend,

I am writing this letter, hoping that is going to reach you in far lands.
It has been more then a few moon phases since we have seen each other.
In this period you were on my mind in certain special moments; it was nice to remember our time together and experiences that we shared. As I think about these moments I am hoping soon we will experience new and exciting time together.
I wanna THANK YOU for  the words of advice and a words of kindness that you shared with me in some of our time together. I appreciate a friend’s advice or opinion and even if it is different then mine I still learn from it.
I hope that you are also learning from me and understanding that my words are flown out there with the good will and good spirit…
Even though I never intend to hurt you I know that people sometimes feel hurt or offended regardless of your words and actions.
In any case I am sorry if this has happened between us.
I would like to tell you that recently I prefer action to words. I think it says more about honesty of somebody then any word can express.
I try to live a life of truth now and as I don’t have a need to lie to myself then I don’t lie to others too.  Of course I get of this path sometimes, but less and less as I am moving on.
I have traveled a lot this year and my travels have enriched my life tenfolds.
I am happy to share these new experiences,ideas and knowledge with my old and new and still unknown friends. For this I will continue to follow this path of my heart and intuition as this is the only path I know now.
I would like to quote something from a beautiful book that I am reading at the moment:
“Tell me a story, Pew.
What kind of story, child?.
A story with a happy ending.
There is no such thing in all the world.
As a happy ending?
As an ending.”

The book is called “Lighthousekeeping” by Jeanette Winterson.

So I say goodbye until our next meeting as it will arrive in a good time.

Yours faithfully,

sky above Toscana


muppet on olive tree1

13.10.12; third day of our trip… we were in Lovran on Marunada festival…

This day I joined my friends in cooking and made a huge veggie stew that made more then 30 people happy…

We got the food from donated money which was organized by one of the locals, a new friend of mine Luka; the atmosphere in our little corner in center of old town of Lovran was really good and we had more people stopping by and having a tea and some food…
Evelyn was happily playing with few other dogs from my friends and charming people walking around the area.
The local priest to a great liking to her and cuddled her everytime he saw her 😀

I was glad that I stayed another day and thought I might stay until Monday which did happen at the end…

A friend of mine said she is going in direction of France and since her name means hope in Croatian I thought how jolly good 😀

And we were promised a ride to a town in Slovenia from where we could easily hitchhike to Italy…

Here are some of the photos from this day  and the night before when my friends played music on a main square , Didgeridoo sounded great  😀

12.10.12; Second day of our Road Trip :D

Waking up in Moravice train station, after few smiles and comments of people towards Evelyn we walked up 2km to get to main road and hitchhike.

But after few hour I realise there is not enough cars, I was even counting them 😛 and weather was very gray; so I went over to three guys that were having a little break in a bar nearby and asked them if they would like to by some tobacco from me; I had it already rolled into cigarettes and I said I am selling it to get the money for a train to Rijeka the non smoker in the group wanted to just give me the money but I left two packets to his friends to try. So now with 40kn in my pocket I went back to station and bought a ticket to Fuzine, which is few station before Rijeka. We hoped on a next train around 2.30pm and we arrived to Rijeka with no problems meeting two interesting girls in a train who were going to some student conference in Rijeka. While waiting to meet my dear friend from childhood, Evelyn and I started talking to a guy all Rijeka knows as Brada; he is homeless for more then 15 years, but from conversation with him he doesn’t seem to be bothered by that. He was very interesting and we exchanged views on many different fields and I got some usefull info from him. He also gave me a lot of fruit and I gave him my sleeping bag after finding out that his one was stolen. Next time in Rijeka I will look for him and maybe we can have a lunch together.

When my mate Goran arrived we went for a walk with Evelyn and his dog Lajka; he is a vet and since I know him he always had dogs; so of course I asked him many questions about Evelyn and he liked her very much. After a walk he kindly gave us alift to Lovran where we quickly found our dear friends that we met on a rainbow gathering ot so long ago in island of Vir near Zadar,Croatia.

In Lovran there was traditional 3 day festival called Marunada, it is festival of chestnut and my friends had a little table in old town where they served food, tea and coffee for free 😀 We joined them as they played music and we slept that night behind the main church on some beds; it was a warm and dry night so we had a good sleep… and I also got my camera back from one of my friends who kept it for me as I left it in Vir… at that time I wasn’t sure how long will I stay there but as the festival only started that Friday we decided to stay one more day at least.

more about that in next post…

check out Evelyn’s blog for her view on this trip 😀

greets from Grenoble where we are staying for another week… Muppet and Evelyn woof woof

We are going on the road…




woof woof

from Evelyn and Muppet


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