I arrived to Paris this morning with an overnight train from Munchen. So much fun on the train with Ingrid and Thilo; it was a trip full of laughs and good vibes…

I am now staying here for the day, because I had to cancel some other plans so to stay in Paris makes the most sense. I always wanted to come here and now I am so happy to be in this beautiful and historical city.

I hope I will get in touch with some of my old friends but anyway I will have fun with Thilo and his girlfriend Judith and tomorrow we meet with Ingrid too.

More updates on yesterday in Munchen and Paris today later in the evening; now I have to send WU to a dear friend of mine who was waiting too long… hope he is not too pissed off…

Greets to Piggy and I will break you balls next time in Verona; last night it would be really too much ūüėõ


Au revoir

Paix et Amour

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