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Peaceful church in Starigrad, Croatia

We were camping in Starigrad near Paklenica national park in Croatia. I couldn’t sleep so I went¬† walk with the dogs, we passed this beautiful small church. I am not a follower of any major religion, but I respect all traditions. And this kind of peaceful and intimate places for prayer are beautiful to me. DSCF5465

Sky above land of Tuscany

Digital StillCamera sky above Toscana

Ponte Vecchio; Florence; Italy

We were in Florence passing by and sleeping on the street that night, but this kind of moments where you enjoy the beauty of an old bridge is something that I will remember.

Ponte Vecchio

So painting is finishing, now of to City to Explore…

Productive morning,painting is done. Two muppets also bring out to the recycling area an old bed. So deservedly we just had huge meal and now my MuppetHead is going to centre and maybe to see Ted talk.

It is nice and sunny so it should be pleasure exploring this awesome city.

later there is a big game of Euro semifinawhie between Portugal and Spain; Hoping for some good football and goals. I know my Spanish friends will be going mental ūüėČ

Btw, as much as I love football, I dislike strongly current system in European football and I am preparing a rant against Uefa, about all the problems and the obvious fact that main leaders of Uefa only care about money.

But we will save that for the end of the championship.

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