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Why Lika?

The land, the people, the history, the NOW and the Future ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

#TheLand (wikipedia article about region of Lika, Croatia)



Plitvice Lakes National Park





Adam’s Family and The Fellowship of Animal Lovers!!!!

2010_MayThis was posted by my sister and fellow crowd funding guardian on our new page
dedicated to our awesome doggie run campaign on Indiegogo
first part is in Croatian, please scroll down for English 🙂
* English version bellow

Juhuuuuuu! Pazitiv vajbrejšn!

Jutros je na našoj IndieGogo kampanji, predivna anonimna osoba uplatila POSEBNU kontribuciju, pardon, donaciju, odnosno

10881678_338805959632258_6862610134110125721_nKUPLJENA SU PRVA KOLICA za nekog od mojih životinjskih prijatelja!!!

Molim vas za SHARE i vaše prijedloge primam međeđim capicama u Inbox!

Više na stranicama kampanje:

2014_February_bTako, sinoć, bliži mi se rojstni dan kraju, i netom prije nego što utonuh u snove morske, poželio sam jednu stvar.
Poželio sam, da sva životinjska bića osjete Ljubav i Brižnost i Potporu, koju ja primam od svih vas predivnih dvonožnih životinja bez perja

To bijaše želja moja.
I ju!
Probudim se, kad ona već krenula da se ispunjava.


Wooooohoooooooooooooo!!! Positive vibrations!

mica1mThis morning on our IndieGogo campaign, the wonderful anonymous Being contributed with special donation – and purchased THE FIRST WHEELCHAIR for one of my Animal friends.

Be kind to SHARE this and let send your suggestions to my Inbox.

You can see more on the Campaign page:

2007_April_bSo, last night, as my birthday was slowly reaching its end, and just before I dived into my ocean dreams, I wished for only one thing.

I wished that all the other animals could feel the Love and Care and Support, that I am receiving from all of you wonderful two-legged animals without feathers

This was my wish.
And guess what?
I woke up, and it already begun to COME TRUE.

* Croatian version above


Evelyn Vedrana ❤ and

Muppetofaman ❤ 

Why Wheelchair?

This is a Doggy Wheelchair!!! It helps dogs with severe injuries run again and enjoy the play outside… 10881678_338805959632258_6862610134110125721_n It is made by an amazing gentleman from Zemun, Serbia and you can check his website KOLICA ZA PSE! Each wheelchair is custom made according to the measurements of a dog and some are even made for cats… 🙂 Also have a look at the gallery of photos on the website And you will see Mr. Dragan’s dog Mica as she was the first one to get custom made wheelchair and then the word spread and he started making them for others. 🙂 mica1m in next post

you will find out how we are connected to Mr. Dragan 🙂 ❤

Will you help him do the homework?

Will you help him do his homework?


You have unique opportunity to start your New year with something very positive as your generous contribution to our project of building schools in poor and rural areas of Cambodia could make the huge impact on lives of these kids in 2015.

DSCF2123 DSCF2205 DSCF2217

So please, do your good deed of the day and donate on our Indiegogo site.




Here is the link…/class-by-class-in-cambodia

and our Facebook page


Walking in the dark…

Two of us share a room, we even sometimes share a bed, like just now.


She is my best companion, always excited to see me; sometimes a bit too much 🙂 but she taught me to calm down when I am nervous, to cheer up when I am depressed, to calm down when I am overly excited, to look one moment at a time and not to dwell on past but look forward to the future and all the little NOW’s that are coming… she is Evelyn, my one and a half year old dog and as a cliche says best friend…

IMGP3848We share walks as well and one of my favorite are in the night as I look at the stars and the moon, while she sniffs the ground and runs around…


Fountain in Zagreb ; Water crystals

Evelyn and I pass by this fountain almost every day.

Today is another beautiful sunny day here and we will need some water refreshment. Although I wouldn’t try drinking this one, Evelyn doesn’t care…


I wonder how would this water look under the microscope when frozen; few years ago I read the book from scientist Masaru Emoto, who is photographing water crystals and his work is worth checking out.

Here is a link to the website with more info 

and a photo of one of the beautiful water crystals made by “love and gratitude” message 🙂



as this fountain is beside Croatian national bank I seriously doubt it would produce a nice crystals…



Great day :D


First I got a Sunshine award from a dear fellow blogger Jill London (have a look at her blog)… THANKS

later I will do my sunshine award article 😀 to busy drilling at the moment… hahahaha

BESKUN~1and few hours ago an article about the trip Evelyn and I did around Europe was published on Croatian news portal…

Here is the link to the article on T portal news site

THANKS to Marko, the journalist 🙂

Stop at this table :D

A friend’s design in his house near Zagreb 🙂

Do you like it?
Part of our future web shop offer… unique design 🙂


Look at the sky :)

Take a moment to have a look at the sky 🙂

Sky above Zagreb at sunset; photo by Rogi


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