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CROATIA’S HIDDEN TREASURES:Living on air and water or how unity almost destroyed a paradise

In the land far, far away, called the land of the hawks, hidden behind vineyard hills, not far from the old castle, just on the edge of the forests – lays a hidden spring. It is a small spring, a pool, one may say, big enough for children to jump in and play. It blows little bubbles around your body, while you lay. It’s not to cold, nor is it to warm. It’s bottom is paved with stone. Not clay.

Just next to it, there is an old barn. Next to the barn is a house, and then the village, few old houses and no caffes or shops or malls to pay.
The spring is called Jana. The Village, St. Jana’s. The nearby town, Hawkstown (Jastrebarsko).

Now, why is it of any importance to…

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