We say goodbye to Brno and our new friends there…

Digital StillCameraEarly afternoon we go to hitchhiking spot recommended on hitchwiki.org and we got a ride after waiting for 15 minutes 😀

It was my first time in Bratislava, so I was happy to spend an hour getting to know the city.



Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraAfter walking we needed a break so we went to main train station to warm up in a waiting area.

We were waiting for my friend to come back from the work trip so we can go to her place and try to find a last minute couch 😀

Around 6pm we  went to my friend’s place. Janka’s mum gave me lovely soup to warm up as I was writing last minute requests on couchsurfing.com and by some miracle we got a couch. Our host Tomas text me that we can stay in his house. Evelyn played with Janka’s dog as we were remembering summer in Croatia 9 years ago when we first met.So we met with Tomas around 10pm and after having a beer, he took us to his house.

It was a good start of our time in Bratislava and I was ready to properly explore the city next day.