IMGP1266IMGP1276 IMGP1269We have woken up very early in BEESKOW beside the supermarket and went to train station to catch the first regional train to FRANKFURT an ODER. There we had to wait for few hours for train to Poznan.

IMGP1284 IMGP1297We took this train to SWIEBODZIN, where without my knowledge at a time is the biggest statue of Jesus in the world, even bigger then the famous one in Rio de Janeiro. We were there mostly in the waiting room and went for a short walk so I haven’t gone outside of the city to see the statue.

There we jumped on a regional train to POZNAN; beautiful city I know from last year’s EURO football championships.

IMGP1309IMGP1311We were in Stary Rynek, when I got a message from two students that we can stay with them tonight if we have no other options. It was first time on this trip I have used couch surfing and it worked even though it was LAST minute request posted by my friend in France.


We spent the evening with our hosts getting to know each other and as they studied I was working on their computer…

It was a great day and as I got a lot of info from tourist office, I was hoping to do a lot tomorrow…