Digital StillCameraDigital StillCameraIt has been incredible four days and three nights here as I met so many great people and I visited three great organizations with differerent social projects. I am very grateful for hospitality of my new friend Adrian and his flatmate Owen and also for all the people here that would very helpful and happy to share their stories and work.

Digital StillCameraI have talked to Majka from ‘Foundation House of Peace’

Digital StillCameraMargarida from Ostoja theraphy center for kids with disabilities 

and to Oleg from Towarzystwo Pomocy im. św. Brata Alberta and they are working with homeless people.

I will write more about their work in other posts, but you can find them in the links above and on their facebook pages.

I am so glad that we stayed here much longer then planned as this city is full of very active people and there is so much going on. Also in 2016 it will be a cultural capital of Europe and I invite you to visit it when you get a chance.


Now we are going to hitchhike to Prague where we stay one or two nights and afterwards we would like to go to:

Bratislava,Wien,Graz,Maribor,Ljubljana,Zagreb,Bihac,Sarajevo,Mostar,Split,Sibenik,Zadar,Rijeka,Venezia,Verona,Milano and then we are back to Grenoble in France.

So still a long way to go but as this is day 23 we have crossed the half way of our journey in terms of days but not in terms of countries visited. We will have to speed it up 😀

Love from Evelyn and Muppet