IMGP0681 This was a highlight day of our stay in Zurich.

I spent morning behind computer like now 🙂 and then at 3.30pm I meet with Mr. Roy Gerber from SWS- Sozialwerke Pfarrer Sieber. 

IMGP0682We started talking before they opened the door of their Sunestube center and afterwards we took a break as he was busy. But later we continued and all together after one hour talk and sharing off knowledge,ideas,information I left this place so happy and grateful that I met someone with such a long experience in social projects. Also he was kind to offer help to our small association in Zagreb and we are hoping that we will be able to organize his arrival this April and do something together!

IMGP0683As I had a meal in Sunestube, I met another interesting guy and he was kind to take me to Open  Heart place that is run by local Heils Armee and there I have met Mr. Walter Sommer and had another great talk and we agreed to stay in contact. This center provides 12 bunk beds during winter for people that don’t have anywhere else to stay and they also serve dinner for free and offer help on individual basis.

I have recorded interviews with both of them and once I finish the trip I will be able to edit them and then post them here.

IMGP0691IMGP0694After such an exciting day I went to Helvetia hotel where my dear friend Rene works and there I shared a drink with a new friend that I met in Sunestube. Later Rene joined me for a beer and we finished last night together talking and laughing till late hours.

Zurich was another great experience and I left Switzerland happy and exited about what will the rest of the trip bring.

THANK YOU to everyone I met in Zurich 😀