IMGP0539IMGP0532 After 5 hr sleep under a tree in Olten, we hope on a regional train to Zurich. The first train was to Baden and a second then to Zurich. In the frist train we got a first ticket check and as I explained our way of traveling and our project, a conducter was very kind to charge a very reduced rate for a fine; so 20 francs went for a fine. Later on a second train I count the rest of the money.

It was an eventful day in Zurich!IMGP0558

IMGP0545When we arrived I got a lot of information at tourist info from a lovely girl Vera and as a thank you she got the smallest wallet I ever made 😀

IMGP0566We went first to cafe Yucca in old town which is a social project from Stadtmission and is offering a place for people to meet and have some food and drink for a affordable prices. Also they provide few emergency beds and information and assistance for anyone who is in need of help.

David, one of the team members was very kind to talk with me and we made a 20 min interview with a lot of interesting information about their project and also the social services available in Switzerland.

IMGP0587Later we meet with my dear friend that I knew from working together in Ely restaurant in Dublin.

We spend evening talking and it was great to discuss a our campaign with a good friend.