IMGP0371It was a day we said goodbye to our wonderful hosts in Lausanne or precisely in Mont-sur-Rolly.

I was in a church with Peter in the morning while Evelyn was busy destroying our room… ooops

In the church I got a very generous donation of 50 francs for our travel which will turn out to be very valuable next day.

She is lucky to be so cute.

IMGP0386Despite that we were invited for lunch with family which lives close to Nyon. Evelyn was busy looking at rabbits and I had an excellent lunch and nice talk with everyone in family.

IMGP0404IMGP0422IMGP0406Around 5pm we jumped on a first train in direction of Bern. We always take regional trains and short root to avoid control. This day we were fortunate again so we stopped in Yverdon-des-bains fro a short walk.


Then we continued to Bern and we got there around 9.IMGP0453IMGP0468

I found Heils armee office ther but it was closed so I went for a beer.

After a beer and Evelyn´s nap we walked around Bern and took some photos…IMGP0490


Later that evening I decide that we should move closer to Zurich so we take last train to Olten.IMGP0503

After 15min walk around the town we found a good spot for sleep and we manage to get good 5 hours of sleep and we were warm enough.IMGP0520