After great time spent in Geneve we hit the road again, but only for a short train trip to Lausanne. Before catching the train we found out the address of Armee du Salut in Lausanne and my plan was to go there after a short look around old town.



So we arrived with regional train to Lausanne and went to old town first.


IMGP0240 IMGP0244That is when the surprise comes, we come to cathedral and in front of it we see a white tent and some people putting things away. They were serving soup,tea,coffee,juices,biscuits and talking about christianity to people who would come to tent. Peter, one of the people involved was very kind to invite me into his home outside Lausanne after 5 minutes conversation.

We ended up spending few hours talking until him and his wife Deborah were to tired and we went to bed.