Second evening in Geneve I have spent with Kiki, having an interesting conversation and after we went to a shelter where she was staying. In Geneve there are two shelters,run by a city, for homeless people. They are opened from November to April, during the cold,winter season.


I wasn’t allowed to stay in the same shelter as Kiki, because for single men they have a separate shelter. So I walked there and had to wait until 9pm before I was told that there is space. They have a rule that people who have been registered have priority and if someone comes first time they have to wait if it is going to be full or not.

So luckily there was a place for Evelyn and me; after few interesting conversations and a bit of food, we both slept like a log ūüėÄ

The whole bunker can accommodated 100 people and it is usually full every night.

IMGP0159 IMGP0162

After a good sleep we went to meet Kiki and walked together through beautiful park…

IMGP0158 IMGP0170

And on the way to town we passed by the beach we slept a night before…


just a reminder what all this is about…