01.01.2013. eveniing

After longer preparation then expected and trouble with uploading a video on a campaign we took of on our adventure after saying goodbye to dear friends that will be giving us support during our trip.

We started late in the evening by taking a train to Chambery at 8:32pm.

As we are traveling on low budget I didn’t get a ticket and it was fine.We spend few hours walking around Chambery and looking for a place to stay.
At the end it was a train station because we saw another guy sleeping there with his dog.That was the only other person we have seen sleeping on the street.

I have enjoyed walking around empty streets of Chambery and taking some photos.We were mostly in pedestrian area so Evelyn was strolling around happily 😀

I couldn’t but contemplate what task is ahead of us and I was hoping I will be able to get a lot of material documented.

Please look through photos we took last night and if you can leave a comment 😀

It would mean a lot to us to get some feedback from people who read this..

And a last thing, take some time to see what is our campaign about and watch our pitch video. Thank you

a cute puppy we met on a trainImage

Some of the Chambery landmarks:


and my Angel Evelyn


Imagethat is where we slept…

we are now going to Geneve… more to follow tommorow…

love from  two of us