Sometimes I need to stop and look back on a time that has passed.

That is a time for reflection and a time to express gratitude.

I have chosen a new path and a new way of living this year and everything that followed has amazed me and I can feel with my heart and soul that this is the right path for me now and that whatever is around the corner has a meaning for me.


I have learned a lot and I know there is so much more to follow.

I have also shared my own knowledge with other in different fields.


This blog is big part of learning and sharing process. I am grateful for all the people who have liked or comment on my posts or who have decided to start following it.


So far I have seen many interesting and truly wonderful blogs and I will try to find more and follow more. As I haven’t had a laptop with me all the time, many times I only had time to write a post, without checking blogs that I follow or who has started following me recently.

But I as slow down with traveling I will have more time to focus on different things and one of them is to connect more with other bloggers.

Also I am hoping to get soon a new laptop 😀 so I can write more often and also add new pages and blogs to this Muppet Zone 🙂


I am currently working on a new page, where I will arrange my travels and posts about them in chronological order.

At the same time I will write THANK YOU page in which I will try to include all the people,animals,situations and experiences that I feel gratitude for.


And I will make an effort to write more in detail about my interest and to share my knowledge through videos,photos, presentations.


I am also designing a funding campaign for Evelyn and myself in which the GOAL is to aquire a VAN that I will make into our moving HOME and which would make our travels even more enjoyable and we will be able to explore,learn and share more 😀


With smiling face and a woof woof from Evelyn