Evelyn and I left Zagreb around 3pm after saying goodbye to few friends and picking up some stuff for our trip.

I managed to forget my friends laptop in Baza; Stef’s cool club. But it will be picked up next month when I arrive back to Zagreb for some time…

So as I didn’t have much money left I bought a train ticket to Karlovac for 31kn and then stayed on a train till Ogulin, the controler didn’t say anything. From Ogulin I tried to get a train to Rijeka but that didnt worked out so we came to Vrbovsko.

This is a small town in Gorski Kotar area of Croatia and we went for a walk for few km outside with me thinking of hitchhiking but it was to late in the evening and not many cars passing by.

So we slept at the train station in a waiting room. We met a cool guy who has 6 dogs and lives on the hill nearby surrounded by forest. We are invited to visit him next time we are in the area, so maybe we will take on that offer.

I didn’t have my camera yet so only photos I took were with mobile phone that is a bit old, so they want be great quality. So the photo here is from one of internet articles about Vrbovsko.

This part of Croatia is mostly unknown to tourist but I would strongly reccommend it because the nature is unspoiled and beautiful.

As I was walking and trying to hitchhike, it took me a bit to enjoy the moment and not worry about how I get to Rijeka and then Lovran.

I started this trip knowing I don’t have money to pay for the travelall the way to France but I knew that with hitchhiking and occasional train ride for free it is possible. I don’t have a problem going on trains and talking to conducters about letting us stay even though we don’t have a ticket. It depends on a person but many times people understand if you are honest.

So having a dog with me helps to stay in the moment and not worry about the next step to much. For Evelyn, Gorski Kotar was great, many new smells and interesting places. And I enjoyed it too and I was happy to have started a trip with her knowing it will be some adventure.

Since May when I left Dublin I have been more or less on the move and Grenoble was the first stop back then and now I was going back there to see good friends but this time with my dear dog friend Evelyn. Thinking about everything that happened in five months that passed I can only feel happiness, joy and gratitude for all the new places,people and moments I am experiencing every day. The more I travel, the more I am relaxed and I realize that I was always a restless soul that urged to move like a nomad. I like coming to new cities and places and when I visit them again they feel like home. I can happily say that the list of places that feel like home is growing steadily.

One of them is Dublin in Ireland, where I was for almost 7 years and I have many good memories and friendships from living there. I am hoping to go there before the end of the year and catch up with dear friends over a good old Guinness in one of my favourite pubs.

And back to our first day: after few hours sleep on a bench in a train station waiting room, we hoped on the early morning train only to be kicked out on the next station; which first upset me but then I cooled down and remembered everything is for a reason so no need to get in a bad mood. Instead we went inside Moravice train station waiting area and had a nap there before walking up the road to get a good hitchhiking spot… that didn’t worked out but we found our way to Rijeka that evening… more about that in next post…

happy vibes from two of us on the route…

Evelyn and Muppet